Midwest Sweet Tea

A movement towards balance and self-discovery.


Hello, and welcome to my blog! In the words of James Franco, “LOVE TO ‘THE TWEET GENERATION’ – if you’re racist, sexist, or homophobic, get the fuck out of here”.

Prepare to see…

  • My husband
  • Our pets
  • Outdoor activities
  • Road trips & music fests
  • Food references
  • Existential ramblings

I’m currently a graduate student studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. My husband and I tied the knot on June 7th, 2015, and moved from Tennessee to Colorado on July 30th.

Now that we have settled in Fort Collins, I’m working full-time as an intensive case manager with an adult recovery program on the community based team. I’m also a graduate student for the ATU (Acute Treatment Unit) at North Range Behavioral Health and the Obra Coordinator for Weld County. Looking forward to exploring the area, making new friends and sticking with my New Years Resolutions.

As far as the recent name change is concerned, my free website was running low on space, so I signed up for a premium membership today (on 6-19-16). The upgrade included a free domain and after much deliberation, I chose Midwest Sweet Tea. My southern accent rarely goes unnoticed as I adjust to my new environment in Northern Colorado. Midwest Sweet Tea symbolizes where I’ve been and where I’m going during this transitional period. In the meantime kick back, relax and take a look around.

I thought this was Fort Collins before we moved here, but now I know it’s Dream Lake, because I’ve been here! (Stole this pic off the internet)
First trip to Dream Lake in August
Visiting our neighboring state, Utah.
Rocky Mountain National Park with my boo
Backpacking near the Western Slope
Hiking in Boulder

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