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One Sentence Journal


31 day Challenge: One sentence to describe the day, along with 5 reasons to be grateful. The one sentence daily serves as a reminder of the small moments in life we often forget due to lack of documentation.

August 1st: Breaking old habits once and for all……out with the old and in with the new.

1 I am grateful to have an extra hour and a half to catch up on progress notes at work

2 Grateful my client still follows my recommendations of remaining vegetarian

3 Grateful our cats co-exist without hissing much anymore

4 Grateful to have enough parsley to use for new recipe

5 Grateful to have watched Saving Private Ryan

August 2nd: I spent $15 on a hanging scratch post for Junip, only for her to turn up her nose and saunter away.

1 Grateful to escape and going camping this afternoon (which means I will have to catch up on this list Sunday night)

2 Grateful to meet a new friend through Stephanie

3 Grateful Jozoara’s Coffee Shop has more punch cards, since I consume their beverages so frequently

4 Grateful we don’t have to purchase charcoal, since we still have some leftover

5 Grateful my boyfriend humors my last minute plans

August 3rd: “In the woods, we return to reason and faith” Emerson quote posted at Fall Creek Falls near the tallest waterfall

1 Grateful to find a new trail

2 Grateful to explore the suspension bridge over the waterfalls in the wee hours of the night with friends and Keegan

3 Grateful to lay down and look up on the bridge at the stars, so very peaceful and exhilarating all at once

4 Grateful to swim despite the frigid water

5 Grateful for yummy food Matthew and Stephanie prepared 🙂

August 4th: Walking in surprised to a spotless house might be the biggest turn-on yet.

1 Grateful to wake up to cooked bacon and breakfast casserole on the grill

2 Grateful to hike a different trail this morning (and for meditating in a beautiful area)

3 Grateful to reunite with the kitties

4 Grateful Keegan cleaned so much today

5 Grateful to enjoy a frosty with oreos

August 5th: Whether or not you make a decision, you’re still making a decision

1 Grateful Keegan began his own gratitude journal today 🙂 🙂 🙂

2 Grateful to pick quite a few tomatoes from the garden

3 Grateful Keegan took me on a date to Istanbul

4 Grateful to get new tags for my car

5 Grateful for a small bit of me time this afternoon

August 6th: I feel like shit, but I’m gonna act happy and host dinner anyways.

1 Grateful grandma brought wine and flowers to our house

2 Grateful Aunt Shelly purchased us a new fancy dish set

3 Grateful for a delicious catered lunch and chance to catch up with coworkers

4 Grateful to still have money on kroger gift card

5 Grateful for afternoon nap with my super cuddly cat

August 7th: The rain won’t stop me from running errands this time!

1 Grateful I made time to run immediately after work

2 Grateful to discover synthetic pheromones to sooth Keegan’s slightly stressed cat, which utlimately helped the cats get along better than usual

3 Grateful to make time to research schools and jobs

4 Grateful to get together with everyone last night for Kooch’s birthday (Ferdinand, Caitlin, Jessica, Clint, John, his brother, Weston, Chad, Phillip and anyone else I forgot)

5 Grateful Keegan has begun his very own gratitiude list now 🙂

August 8th: Pay attention when you drive

1 Grateful to watch What Dreams May Come….SUCH a good movie

2 Grateful to set up my client with the perfect lawyer to represent her case

3 Grateful to catch up on leftovers in the fridge

4 Grateful for the rain

5 Grateful to soak in the tub with eucalyptus bath salts and depeche mode

August 9th: The head knows better

1 Grateful for the chance to catch up with Marissa, Marie and Jessica at Kooch’s house

2 Grateful to discover new Phoenix album on spotify

3 Grateful to grab coffee with Tika

4 Grateful the synthetic pheromones are working wonders

5 Grateful to look at some schools and newly listed positions

August 10th: Forgiveness is letting go of the idea that the past could have been any different

1 Grateful for closure

2 Grateful for finding a new swim hole

3 Grateful for Keegan’s show being cancelled so our friends can hang out at our house instead!

4 Grateful for Keegan taking me to Demo’s and to grab coffee

5 Grateful to spend time with Nichole painting crates for her wedding

August 11th: Disconnect to connect

1 Grateful to see We’re the Millers with popcorn from the house hidden in my bag

2  Grateful to go to Curious Heart and H&M today

3 Grateful to see dad

4 Grateful to wake up to breakfast in bed

5 Grateful to have such dependable friends

August 12th: Take advantage of opportunities

1 Grateful to enjoy a free meal and nutritional information lecture at Bosco’s in Franklin with mom and grandma

2 Grateful to receive the MOST delightful e-mail detailing my academic future 🙂

3 Grateful to see Pookie at mom’s new house

4 Grateful to save money by enjoying leftovers for lunch

5 Grateful to make time to go on a run

August 13th: Reaching goals feels like a snowball effect: Once you begin with just a few days, success becomes much easier to obtain in the upcoming days. Woot Wooooot!

1 Grateful to imagine reuniting with Ponder next week!! I have missed my friend so much….

2 Grateful to go swimming with Keegan as soon as he gets home

3 Grateful to make spaghetti tonight with all organic veggies and organic beef and homemade sauce, angel pasta, whoaaa

4 Grateful to watch Schindler’s List tonight over dinner

5 Grateful to not feel sick anymore!! Which tends to happen when I have to double up on birth control

August 14th: At some point, it’s okay to give up.

1 Grateful for the wine and sweet note our neighbor left us

2 Grateful to deposit the $330 check that arrived unexpectedly in the mail!

3 Grateful for the opportunity to apply for a new position

4 Grateful that my grandma has a nice boyfriend who remembers their 39th anniversary, even when she doesn’t

5 Grateful to receive quite an awesome variety in my CSA basket today!!

August 15th: Helloooo boost of energy and optimism

1 Grateful HR asked for my resume 🙂

2 Grateful to catch up with Linda

3 Grateful to meet new friends and take a free hoop class!

4 Grateful for pancakes and sausage for breakfast

5 Grateful to try a new dish, http://vegucatedkitchen.com/summer-squash-rice/

August 16th: Hooping is becoming my latest obsession, and unlike 2 years ago, I plan to stick with it this time!!!

1 Grateful to hoop for over an hour today, outside, in the lovely sun, practicing the only 2 tricks I know so far haha

2 Grateful to grab drinks at Toots with Kooch, Marie, Alpha and Marie’s friend

3 Grateful to catch up with Stephanie tonight and check out some live shows downtown 🙂

4 Grateful to pick FIFTY NINE cherry tomatoes from the garden this morning!! Wooooot

5 Grateful to have decided on a major for graduate school 🙂 And now it’s time to apply!

August 17th: When you grow your own food, you naturally begin to foster a sort of “barter system” with other like-minded friends.

1 Grateful to trade peppers with Kimmi at the Handlebar

2 Grateful to enjoy lunch with Dad and Keegan at Slick Pig, yuuuum

3 Grateful to hang out at the cook out at Tim’s with old and new amigooos

4 Grateful to see Dana briefly

5 Grateful to have time to hoop and read

August 18th: That awkward moment when you’re forced to drop someone…..

1 Grateful for peach cobbler with homemade ice cream, chocolate covered bacon on a stick, fried mac n cheese AND Cheerwine floats

2 Grateful for adventurous friends to join us at the fair

3 Grateful for the lovely kitchenware from my aunt

4 Grateful for peace of mind and such a carefree weekend

5 Grateful to begin planning fall vaca 🙂

August 19th: Snakes, flooding, moving, and losing my cat filled my dreams, so I didnt the snooze this morning!!

1 Grateful to make a trip to the library

2 Grateful to visit Foodlands Grocery near the square for the first time

3 Grateful for the neighbors to return our tupaware…..stuffed with cookies!!

4 Grateful that Keegan bought me ice cream

5 Grateful to spend a lot of time with my kitty!!

August 20th: Good things are happening, and what it ultimately boils down to is keeping your eyes ahead

1 Grateful to submit application to graduate program

2 Grateful to receive a dozen pears from a client, free

3 Grateful another client won her disability case

4 Grateful to finally clean out the closet in our side room

5 Grateful to soak in the tub, meditate and make a trip to the library

6 Grateful to schedule an interview for a new position!

7 Grateful to hoop outside before it started to sprinkle

August 21st: Tonight feels like old times……oh, how I’ve missed my core group of friends coming together!!

1 Grateful to catch up with PONDER, Kooch, Caitlin and Paxson

2 Grateful for the bea-u-ti-ful flowers Keegan suprised me with 🙂

3 Grateful to receive brown eggs from Kimmi’s friend, so so tasty

4 Grateful to catch up with Tika over coffee

5 Grateful to have time to submit more paperwork to graduate program

August 22nd: Nostalgia reminds you of who you are

1 Grateful to catch up with friends at Michael Franti show

2 Grateful for Woodlands!! Yuuum

3 Grateful for this new Ben & Jerry’s flavor, Chocolate Peppermint Crunch

4 Grateful for time to make new recipe

5 Grateful that my grandma is in good health

August 23rd: Let’s see how much fun we can pack in 12 hours.

1 Grateful for STS9 show with Ponder and friends

2 Grateful for Joe’s Crab Shack

3 Grateful for all these new albums: Washed Out, Bonobo, Phoenix, Strokes and Valerie June

4 Grateful to get in 12th and Porter for free, since Marie knew the door guy 🙂

5 Grateful to run into the other Marie, who insisted on buying me a tasty beverage

August 24th: Running on only 2 hours of sleep means you must keep drinking to keep up on the boat!

1 Grateful for the pontoon boat and FUN adventures with friends

2 Grateful for another “free entry opportunity” (it’s called sneaking in)

3 Grateful for crawfish

4 Grateful for good reads from the library

5 Grateful to not be sunburnt, hooray!

August 25th: So I’ve noticed how the more often I appreciate my circumstances, the better they become! Out with the old, in with the new 🙂

1 Grateful to find the Tiny Tea Factory, even if they’re closed on Sundays

2 Grateful for a much needed nap after the pontoon adventure yesterday

3 Grateful for the chance to catch up with Brittany and Justin at Jozarra’s and to run into Erika

4 Grateful to be a bridesmaid in their wedding!! 🙂 So exciting

5 Grateful to touch base with Casi, Tika and Dad today in Smyrna

6 Grateful for a nice soak in the tub

7 Grateful for new eggplant recipe

August 26th: After a jam-packed weekend, I am actually somewhat relieved to return to work and my bed.

1 Grateful to receive 3 reference letters for graduate program in one day

2 Grateful to enjoy Chicken Tortilla Soup at home, one of my FAVS

3 Grateful for coffee with the lovely Nichole and Tika

4 Grateful to discover we have History Channel 2

5 Grateful to hear from my friend Nikki in India, to know that she is safe

August 27th: Pep talk with coworkers: You’re only capable of accomplishing what you believe you can do!

1 Grateful for date night with Keegan 🙂 Carrabba’s yuuum

2 Grateful for time to hoop and learn new tricks

3 Grateful to hear from my madre

4 Grateful to test out the new shower head…..4 settings, very spiffy

5 Grateful for good health and positive attitude….this just may be the most spiritually significant month of the year 🙂

August 28th: Well, I guess if there’s nothing wrong, we will end our session early 🙂

1 Grateful for apples in CSA basket

2 Grateful to see LIGHTS at Cheekwood with Caitlin for her b-day!

3 Grateful to schedule a time to meet with my former professor

4 Grateful to complete essay

5 Grateful for a smooth day at work

August 29th: Stepping outside of the mind turned out to be easier than expected

1 Grateful to hoop with my lady friends after work

2 Grateful to submit every bit of paperwork to graduate program other than one reference letter

3 Grateful to find a cheap lawn mowing services until we purchase a mower soon

4 Grateful for the sunshine and warm weather

5 Grateful to GET PAID tomorrow, first time in 4 weeks woot woooot

August 30th: Remember the good in everyone.

1 Grateful to reconnect with Erika. Long time no see!

2 Grateful to have yummy food at bbq tonight

3 Grateful to plan minin vaca with Keegan

4 Grateful to have an amazing supervisor at work

5 Grateful to hoop for over an hour today and to sweat, a lot

August 31st: Let’s see how much friend time we can squeeze into one day.

1 Grateful to make it to 3 bbqs in 24 hours.

2 Grateful for breaskfast at Goodness Gracious

3 Grateful to receive Basil from new friends

4 Grateful to book flight to South Dakota

5 Grateful to enjoy so much time outside


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