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Gratitude Letters


Since the Happiness Project for June includes developing and maintaining friendships, what better way to express appreciation for someone than to tell them? Gratitude strengthens connections between individuals, and I love to write! Thus, another 30 day challenge begins: Write 30 personalized gratitude letters to friends and family members. One letter per day, even though I plan to deliver the messages once a week, 7 at a time.

Friends and Family List:

1 Mom

2 Dad

3 Daniel

4 Grandma

5 Granny

6 My three cousins, ages 12, 7 and 5 (Because when I was a child, I felt like SUCH a grown up anytime someone mailed me a card!)

7 Keegan

8 Caitlin H

9 Tika

10 Candi

11 Nichole

12 Jessica

13 Nikki F

14 Stephanie

15 J.D.

16 Joe

17 Taylor

18 Dave and Jean Marie

19 Ponder

20 Alex

21 Ryan

22 Marissa

23 Caitlin U

24 Liza

25 Nikki U

26 Nikki B

27 Brett

28 Liberty

29 Jennifer L

30 Ariel

7/2/2013 Fell behind on the letters in the middle of June. “Hit the ground running” after Bonnaroo when we began to pack and move to the new place. Working on catching these up and focusing on resolutions for July…..this month will not feature a 30 day challenge, but maybe again in August. Way too much to keep me busy lately…..

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