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New Years Resolutions

A place to keep notes as the year progresses. I originally planned to keep gym notes here too, but since I’m journaling before bed each night (which includes my workout routines), I don’t plan on documenting everything twice.

  1. GRADUATE!!! (Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel)
  2. Exercise….for real! Something I’ve noticed while reviewing former New Years Resolutions is how I’ve consistently promised to build exercise into my routine, and it still has yet to happen. I’ve jogged here and there, participated in yoga and zumba, but nothing has “stuck” quite yet. This year I’m committing to exercising with my husband. (Update: January 12th, 2016–made it to the gym 4 times last week. Woot! Worked out with Christa on my birthday, and we meet again tomorrow)
  3. Return to new recipes–my favorite challenge back in 2011 exposed me to new foods every week. Between our Vitamix guide and countless vintage recipe books, there’s plenty to keep us busy. (Update: January 12th, 2016–Please refer to ‘Recipes’ on the left side of my blog to see what’s going down in our kitchen each week)
  4. No red meat for 6 months. (Update: January 12th, 2016– so far, so good. Turns out turkey bacon isn’t the worst thing that’s happened to me)
  5. Find a garden club. Or gardening classes. Whatever the case may be, I’m ready to embrace the Midwestern style of gardening.
  6. Meditate 3 times a week. Like my exercise sentiments, I’ve faltered with meditating, too. It’s time to get serious and force myself to relax.  (Update: January 12th, 2016–I only meditated once last week, but I refuse to call it quits!)
  7. Hike a 14-er.
  8. Enter a writing contest. I’ve always felt a passion for writing, and I’d like to improve my writing next year, generally speaking.
  9. Build social support.
  10. The last goal is a secret, but hopefully it pans out. And if not, you’ll never know what I hoped to accomplish.
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