Just sharing a few pics from last weekend. Friday night, we kicked it with Summer and her roommates for their Halloween party. No pics from this gathering, except her Happy Hour menu, which was super impressive.


She didn’t brag about their bar for no reason

Next, we have Josh and Megan’s wedding, which was absolutely adorable. I arrived early to help with decorations; Brittany and Justin’s backyard was drenched with Halloween swag. Let me be clear: This was not a fall wedding. This was a Halloween wedding, and out of all the weddings I’ve ever been to, the ambiance of this one was my favorite for sure. There wasn’t a single inch of Brittany and Justin’s backyard that wasn’t utilized in a thoughtful, creative way. As a new and budding minimalist, the use of the space impressed me.


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The wedding started at 4 pm while the festivities carried long into the night. I loved the Wiccan notes peppered throughout the ceremony, such as the hand fasting, fire cake and emphasis of the 4 elements.


Everyone takes a unified bite of the cake, reads their wishes aloud to the bride and groom and throws them in the fire.

This wedding wouldn’t be what it was without the love that Josh and Meghan share for each other. This wedding was an absolute sobfest, and I loved every minute of it.


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Keegan and I had a blast sharing the evening with their friends and family. Congrats again to the bride and groom! We love you guys and hope you had the best night ever!!

This past Halloween marked the first one Keegan and I had spent together in 4 years. Yes, between my internship, Keegan’s second job and my garden classes last year, we haven’t spent Halloween night together since we lived in Tennessee.

This year, we handed out candy together and caught Beetle Juice at the Kress, our favorite local theater. I love their mudslides and the seating options. I had seen Beetle Juice in forever…it was trippy and awesome!! Not to mention, we watched Silence of the Lambs with Nick and Regina, which I had never seen before. I now understand “it rubs the lotion on it’s skin”.

That’s all I have for now–in the meantime, here’s this: