Keegan and I have joked with Matt and Claire about spending a weekend in Idaho Springs ever since we conquered Gray’s Peak last summer. Mainly because we almost didn’t hike it–a lazy night in the mountains didn’t sound unappealing lol.

So this trip’s been a long-time coming! Just renting a room, drinking and eating pizza. It was the lazy getaway we needed. Matt and Claire are seriously the funniest couple I know. I really hope they do stand-up one day, so when they get famous I can be like, “Hey I know them!!”.



We expected to land a sleazy suite, but it was actually pretty nice! The room was clean and spacious and came with a fancy bathroom.


We walked to the liquor stores and Beau Jo’s, since no one accepted our request for an Uber or Lyft. I didn’t think Idaho Springs was too remote, but I googled it, and there’s only 1,700 people living there. So yeah, probably not worth it to drive for a living.

In any case, Beau Jo’s was awesome as always. We walked to Tommyknockers afterwards, then headed back to the suite.

Keegan and I grabbed breakfast the following morning and took the scenic route home. We’ve had our fair share of fall colors this year, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of these autumn adventures.


Here we have fall colors on the Peak to Peak Highway–CDOT actually put out signs warning drivers to be careful. “Fall colors ahead: Drive with caution. Pull over if you want to take a picture.” Made me laugh and cringe, that this is what’s become of our society, although I’m just as guilty.


I’m so grateful to travel this highway for a second year in a row. This has become mine and Keegan’s “thing”. If we could do this every year in September, that would be great.

Loving the aspen

Keegan and I found a waterfall we didn’t know existed, and I honestly don’t even know the name. Tucked back in the woods, this creek was super chill. It’s too bad we didn’t know to pack a picnic.


“I need my basic white girl pic, even though it’s bright and I’m squinting”

So glad we finally spent the weekend in Idaho Springs! That’s all I have for now, but in the meantime here’s this: