Just sharing a few pics from recent happenings.

First, we finally had a Loveland Branch reunion at my coworker’s house. It was lovely to catch up, and I hope we do it again soon! I refer to Jodi’s house as my favorite petting zoo. Between the Maine Coon, the tortoise and Lucy, the Labradoodle, I got my cuddle fix, and I loved it.

Next, Christine and I tried to a Bridal Festival last month. I had high hopes, because I absolutely love weddings and anything related to wedding-planning. But honestly, the show sucked LOL. They maybe had a dozen vendors, max, and a few of them weren’t even offering wedding-related services!!

At least we scored a free trip to the mac n cheese bar. We stuck around for half an hour and left.

I met Keegan’s coworkers recently, and they were great! Summer and her partner and friends were honestly hilarious. I love people that you click with from the get-go. We enjoyed our time at Tower 56 followed by a walk to Brix.


And on a completely unrelated note, I found a salad at Panera recently that knocked my socks off. One of my goals this year was to get more into salads, since you know, they’re healthy? But I’ve never liked salads, and it’s hard to make yourself like something you don’t like.


At any rate, this Asian Sesame Chicken Salad is giving me life. I first tried an Asian salad at work during lunch and learn, and that shit was good. But Panera pretty much trumps everything in life. I think I’ve for real finally found my favorite salad. The crunchy texture with the ginger flavor makes me salivate just thinking about it.


That’s all I have for now. In the meantime, here’s this: