Finally getting around to my vacation back in August. Because I know so many of you are dying to read all about it!

My current employer allows for so much PTO throughout the year, sometimes I have to spend it down before it caps. Much like my trip with my Dad back in May, this jaunt to Nashville and San Diego filled a similar need: Spend it down or miss out. So I booked myself an 11 day vacation and took advantage of Labor Day weekend.

Aside from PTO concerns, two of my closest friends had their sons over the summer. I loved meeting these cuties and spending time with my family. Furthermore, three of my friends celebrated their birthdays the same weekend. It was a lot to tackle in 5 days but fun nonetheless.

First things first: My Mom always picks me up from the airport. But this time, my cousin Susan was able to hang with us, as well! Susan rearranged her departing flight to see my Mom and I for an hour. I hadn’t seen Susan in three years, so I was grateful to catch up. Her flattering gesture reminded me why family is so important.


Mom drove us to Gabby’s next before I grabbed a late lunch with Erika. Slim and Husky’s thin, flaky crust and array of pizza toppings to choose from made me happy. Not to mention, they offer three different types of tomatoes to add to your pizza.

And then, once I got dropped off, my mom and I still made it to Edley’s. Lord knows every time I’m in town, I’m trying to eat as much as my stomach allows.

I hung with Mom and Pookie at the house for few that evening. Mom brought me to Caitlin’s and Caitlin and I met her friend Jessica at LA Jackson’s for some bombass cocktails. We didn’t stay too long, since Jon was hosting a show at some place artsy I’d never heard of (and can’t remember), but it was so much fun to go out. Caitlin and I hadn’t kicked it like that in years. I miss the way things used to be and found it odd that she’s now been living in our old house longer than we ever did.


The following moring, my parent’s and I grabbed lunch at Buster’s Burgers in the Boro before they dropped me off at Clint and Casi’s. I dubbed Saturday my Baby Fix Day, so I met Reece and Raylan and got all the snuggles. Shout out to Tika for driving me from Clint and Casi’s to Nichole’s and back to my Dad’s! And Chris Corley for giving me a ride that evening to Caitlin’s 30th birthday bash at the Back Corner. Warmed my heart to hang with the babes, Tika, Nichole, Casi and Amber. I never get to see my fiends as often or as long as I want to; that’s why I urge them to see me in Colorado 🙂

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Saturday night was the most fun I’ve had out late in a hot minute. We had our Bonnaroo reunion, (minus Keegan) and Sadie and Jeana made an appearance. So many folks I hadn’t seen in years; so glad Caitlin rounded everyone up for her 30th birthday.


From late nights in Nashville to early mornings in Readyville, this trip was a flurry of events. I usually feel emotional eating breakfast at the Mill (where we got married before we moved), and this visit was no exception. I sent Keegan pics as I grubbed with Mom, Dad, Grandma and brother.

But can we talk about those sides? I always order the BAT (Bacon Avocado, Tomato Sandwich on Rye) with the hash brown casserole, sweet potato pancake topped with baked cinnamon apples and either the whipped cream cheese stuffed strawberries or the pineapple. Phew, I was full as a tick.

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I don’t even remember what we did that afternoon, but I’m pretty sure my Dad and I grabbed Toot’s with Tika, Candi and their kids. And then we had “double dinner” with Ryan, Kim and Sophie. I just remember being tired, probably all those carbs catching up with me.

Woke up early the next morning (Monday) for a day trip to Fall Creek Falls with Jessica and my Mom. Mom had never been before (say what?!), so I was eager to show her one of my favorite parks.

Couldn’t believe we had this spot to ourselves for over an hour–the park was totally empty!!

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Tuesday, we took it easy at my Dad’s. We grabbed dinner at Mission BBQ after we explored Madame Tussaud’s at Opry Mills. I loved spending time with my family and Matthew and Richard.

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These trips always come and go too soon. Normally I cry my eyes out at the airport, but not this time. I suppressed that shit and stuffed it down as far as I could. I knew it’d be better to go from Nashville to San Diego and not the other way around, so that’s exactly what I did. Rather than return to Colorado sad af, I spent three days in San Diego by myself, exploring the city before Keegan met me that Friday evening.

All that’s to say, I love and miss my friends and fam so much! Not sure when I’ll be back, but hope to see everyone again soon.