Looks like I haven’t blogged in 8 weeks, which is probably a record for me!! In the last two months, we have been to South Dakota, Rocky Mountain National Park, Renn Fair, Nashville and San Diego. Plus, I’ve been volunteering with the Weld County Master Gardeners. Rather than rehash everything in detail, scroll below for pics.

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We drove to Rapid in July for a mini family reunion. Keegan’s nephew, Felix, is such a charming, gentle spirit. His curiosity and innocence floods my system with oxytocin. My uterus could barely handle being around this cutie.

Junip, looking sweet as pie upon our arrival from Rapid

Next, we have my volunteer hours with the Weld County Master Gardeners. From Windsor’s Artisan Market with it’s Free Summer Concert Series, to the Greeley Farmer’s Market, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Island Grove, and judging flowers at the fair and in Fort Collins, it’s been a fun summer.

My favorite event was the flower judging competition in Fort Collins. I didn’t gain volunteer hours for this but still had a blast. Keegan and I each received 5 flags. You walk around and selected your 5 favorite plants from the trial garden at CSU. Winners will be open to the public for purchase next year. Consumer Day allowed community members to judge flowers, and I wasn’t about to miss out. This marked one of my favorite days of summer. I love being connected to local Master Gardeners and staying in the loop with free and fun flora-related events.

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We have a few random hangs, such as chilling with Brittany, her Dad, Justin and some other friends. We were cooking when all of a sudden, the sky opened up and it began to pour. Luckily, we had an extra tarp and made it work. We were still able to eat outside LOL.

Plus the bonfire at Ferdinand’s house….


The hail storm bummed me out, but it’s all good. I literally remarked that morning, “I don’t have enough time for my garden this year”, and before you knew it, everything was wiped out.

I can vouch for my flamethrower, however, so that’s a plus. She’s making an excellent comeback, and I’m confident our coneflowers will be okay by next Spring.


Keegan, Christine, Jimmy and I had talked about Renn Fair last summer, and it never happened. So to make this year on the last open weekend was awesome! The theme was Mardi Gras; we tried our best to look Mardi Gras-ish, but really we just appeared in scandalous attire and called it good. We snuck in booze and enjoyed all the junk food the fair had to offer. We tried axe throwing and ninja star throwing. We watched festival-goers chuck tomatoes at a guys roasting folks in the crowd. Most people missed the man with their piss-poor throws, but it was entertaining to say the least. We also watched two round of jousting and purchased whistles that sound like birds. All in all this marked another one of my favorite days of summer.

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That same weekend, I met Nick and Regina’s tiny, adorable infant, Max. We grabbed lunch at a new spot in Greeley called Luna’s. It’s a tacos and tequila rooftop bar, and the setting is beautiful. This is my drink with wilted basil–not very strong but I may give them another chance in the future.

We tried Music City Hot Chicken with Jimmy and Christine after judging flowers at the Annual Trial Gardens in Fort Collins. It was truly an honor to vote on the flowers; to follow it up with such delicious food was definitely a plus.

I was for-real skeptical to try so called hot-chicken in Colorado when they clearly ripped the idea from Nashville. But to my surprise, the flavor, the heat and everything about the chicken was absolutely perfect. My drink was on point, too.

I canned some pickles recently and helped Brittany and Justin can three different recipes in one evening. We had a good time between the drinks and our experiments.

At some point this summer, Keegan and I tried the new distillery in Greeley called Tower 56. We’re trying to be loyal to Syntax, but until they reopen, we found a new spot.

That Javatini hit the spot

And last but not least, we have our camping trip with Jimmy and Christine. The 4 of us and Jimmy’s brother met at Moraine Park. Keegan managed to snag us a last-minute spot in the Rockies on a Saturday night, which is seriously unheard of during the summer season. Despite some rain, we had an awesome time! Loved the lightning storm, Autumn Russians, the Cub Lake hike and all-around good company.

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That’s about it for now. There’s still so much more to blog about: Our trip to Nashville and San Diego and our hikes in the Rockies these last few weekends, but right now, I’m exhausted. I’ll see what I can produce between now and our girls’ trip this weekend for Christine’s Bachlorette Party in Palisade.