Just sharing some recent pics before we head to South Dakota. From our date nights to Kayla’s baby shower and outdoor activities, it’s been an awesome summer so far!

Gourmet Grub in Greeley–a hidden gem

I scored two date nights with Keegan back to back. First, we tried Gourmet Grub. Then, I took us out to Cattlemen’s for a late anniversary dinner, followed by the Mr. Roger’s documentary at the Kress. And yes, I cried my eyes out. The booze at the Kress didn’t help.

The best steak on the planet

At some point, we drove to my coworker’s redneck-themed baby shower, which was also co-ed and hilarious to attend. I should’ve snapped pics of the outfits but forgot to do so.

Next, we have tubing with Christine, Jimmy, Nae and Brianne. Christine ended up meeting us down the river, but we still had a good time floating on the Poudre.

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And last but not least, we have our hiking pics from last weekend. I’m so glad Christine’s familiar with the trails west of Fort Collins. We landed right next to RMNP, minus the crowds. Plus, we took the Jeep without the top and the windows. I had a great time in the Jeep! It was awesome to pile in, hike and come down for drinks at Social. I didn’t expect to do 6 miles that day, so I was grateful to be in decent shape at 9,000 feet for the hike. We always have a good time with this group 🙂

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Woo hoo! So proud.

Christine and I hadn’t had a girls’ trip to Social in forever, and Fatima had never been, period. We all felt ravenous post-hike and indulged in happy hour apps. From the roasted peppers to the charcuterie and two orders of salmon pate, I was highly satisfied with the food and the fancy drinks.

That’s about it for now! In the meantime, here’s this: