I recently volunteered on two separate weekends with Weld County Master Gardeners. A few Fridays ago, I worked the garden line with someone who operates at the same pace I do. He was quick to return calls, emails and to research the samples we had in the office. The last time I volunteered, it took us an entire shift just to answer a few questions. This time, however, we knocked out 7 phone calls, 5 emails and three samples in one shift! I was very proud of our efforts.

The following morning, I drove to a large property in the country to answer questions on the Greeley Garden Tour. I was station at house D, and Good Lord, this woman’s garden was huge and beautiful. House E was just down the road, so I reviewed this property, as well.

Then, on the 28th, I signed up for the Windsor Artisan Market. I mistakenly assumed it was a farmer’s market, but no, it was actually a summer concert series with live music and several food trucks!! I had such a good time at this event and signed up for another Thursday.

I’ve also offered to write an article for two local papers detailing our ribbon-cutting ceremony at the end of this month for our new, beautiful demo garden at Island Grove. That’s all I have for now, but here’s a few pics from recent volunteer events.

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These are from the Greeley Garden Tour, properties D and E. Each house featured several shaded spots with chairs and tables to sit in the gardens. I was blown away by how expansive each property was in person. These pics really don’t do it justice.

I’ll definitely be back for the Windsor Artisan Market and Summer Concert Series. Such a great time!!