I can’t believe it’s July already. We have a lot to cover with limited time before Keegan and I go out this evening.

If we’re reflecting in chronological order, let’s begin with the BBQ we hosted back in June. It’s been awhile since we hosted something small at the house, so an impromptu BBQ was fun.

This umbrella is a life saver when it’s like a million degrees outside

Next, we have my sister-in-laws’ birthday. We rented a cabin for the weekend and relaxed in the mountains with the fam.



Last weekend, Keegan flew to Nashville for a show. And what did I do? Lots of things.

First, my friend Kooch and I met in Denver for margs.


Then, the following morning, I drove to Red Rocks in Morrison for Yoga on the Rocks. This marks my third summer out here and my first time making this happen. I’m so happy to have finally landed tickets to this event before it sold out. It’s one thing to do yoga inside, and it’s another to look up at the sky alternating between star and cactus pose as the birds chirp around you. This event was worth waking up early for and dragging my ass out of bed.


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The following day, I somehow managed to prep homemade salsa verde, baked chicken, smoothies and a fresh fruit salad and bake a lemon bundt cake with homemade buttercream frosting, thanks to my new high altitude cook book specifically geared towards those of us that can’t bake for shit, especially in the mountains. I accomplished all this before I met up with Kooch again to see Jaws at the Alamo in Denver.


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Jaws was effing amazing, and yes, I’d never seen it before. The Alamo features a table for every two guests with servers that quietly bring you your food and drinks while you kick back and chill in ultra-comfy seats. What a great way to see something new to you and old to everyone else. An interactive movie party at the Alamo is definitely the way to go. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for other movies Keegan and I can watch this summer. And did I mention the movie party included a free hat shaped like a shark fin?! I may just have to take it with me to the lake this summer to scare other swimmers or intrigue them at the very least.


Since I had Wednesday off this week or the 4th, I decide to further indulge my incessant need to cook so much food this summer. I’m trying my damnedest to like salads, so here’s my copycat Chicken Avocado Caprese Salad with homemade dressing and asparagus soup made from scratch.


The night before the 4th, I met with friends in Fort Collins for a pool party, which was awesome. Between the pool, the hot tub, the friends, the food and the drinks, we had a good time. I honestly didn’t feel like driving that far after work, but I was glad I made an appearance once I arrived.

For the 4th, Keegan and I met Christine and Jimmy at their place for a low-key get together with mutual friends. I love how their house is a block away from the views of the fireworks at City Park. We couldn’t have planned a more perfect, relaxing 4th despite the thunderstorms. And then I got to work from home the following day, so not having to commute to Aurora 5 days in a row is nice!



That’s about it for now besides my garden updates and our pets being super cute. Just sharing a few pics of the pets and our backyard. Otherwise, life is good. Summer is flying by, and I intend to take advantage of the next several weeks by getting outside as often as possible and enjoying the mild summers out here in Colorado.


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