Hey guys,

I listen to so many podcasts throughout the week, I finally decided it’s time to start featuring my favorite episodes on my blog. Some of these are sad, some are hilarious and some make you think. I rotate between about a dozen different podcasts and expect to learn of more, now that I’m commuting 4 days a week.

When you go to Midwestsweettea.com, please notice the new Podcast button towards the top. Click here to access all my favorite podcast episodes in one spot.

For now, I’ll begin with Oprah’s interview that I listened to yesterday. Her discussion with Bryan Stevenson titled The Power of Mercy and Forgiveness speaks to my heart. Ever since I took a quiz in college and wrote a subsequent paper on justice versus mercy, I understand why I lean so far to the left. Stevenson’s position on the death penalty and the need for our nation to rid itself of such archaic and punitive measures resonated deeply with me.

If you’re an Android user, you can download Podcast Addict for free and subscribe to Super Soul Conversations to access Oprah and Stevenson’s interview. Or, simply scroll below and give it a listen: