Just sharing some pics from the last few weeks. I went to plant my veggies yesterday, but Keegan and I discovered a grim ant situation in one of our beds. Other than that, we have our Iris’s and Columbines potted, indoor plants are thriving and our lawn looks amazing with all the rain. The Iris’s represent Tennessee, and the Columbines represent Colorado.

Aside from home projects, I’ve volunteered with the Master Gardeners of Weld County three times this month. First, I worked with Serapio, Sarah and Karen at DIY Days in Frederick. Sarah specializes in compost, Karen taught kids and their parents about flowering trees and nuts and seeds, while Serapio provided general information about Weld County Master Gardeners and the services we offer.

I waited 9 months for my first volunteer experience. Big time cheesin’!!!

Next we have the garden line. Last Friday, I met with two MGs and an apprentice to tackle issues we receive via the phone lines, email and walk-ins. We solved a few mysteries ranging from dying Lilac shrubs (Lilac borers), to dried out, brown tips on a man’s Blue Spruce (winter burn). My claim to fame was ID-ing a random Japanese Lilac Tree that landed in a woman’s yard, probably dispersed by the wind. My teammates and I used a dichotomous key and worked our way down till we reached the tree. The description matched the woman’s pictures and her written description of the plant when it flowered, before she submitted the photos. I really enjoyed using the key to reach a sound conclusion.

A plant sample dropped off by a walk-in. We diagnosed the tree with winter burn likely due to inconsistent watering over the winter season.

Last Saturday, I was sick with allergies but drug myself to the farmer’s market in Greeley. The smell of freshly popped kennel corn next to us was nice along with the crooning of a young college student as she played the piano, but the frigid temps and rain only made me feel worse. We called it at 10:00 a.m. and packed up our belongings. We only had two garden questions in two hours. Surely my next go-around in June will yield better weather.

And last but not least we have our renovated deck! Keegan stripped the paint, reinforced the steps and repainted the entire deck. Then we invested in some awesome furniture. My secret to saving money? Shop around! We found the cushions at Home Depot, the chairs at Walmart, the umbrella at At Home, and the glass table at our second trip to Home Depot. I know for sure we scored the best deals after shopping around Greeley. Throw in some flowers, and the look is complete!

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That’s all I have for now. In the meantime, here’s this: