After one of the driest winter seasons on record, we finally have some rain! I’m pretty positive we’ve received more rain in the last three weeks than we did snow all season. This has delayed my gardening plans a bit, but I don’t mind it at all. I’d rather have the rain than worry about wild fires this summer!

Keegan and I will do silly things with the pets to pass the time, such as building the cats a box fort. When the weather’s nice, we walk Buddy around Greeley. We took a recent stroll around Boyd Lake, which reaffirmed my need to paddle board soon.

We broke down this mess the next day. The cats sadly weren’t as amused by the fort as we were.

We also caught the derby at Generations earlier this month. Between the hat walk and $5 mint juleps, we had such a great time!! Keegan had never watched the Kentucky Derby before; I got a kick out of watching him watch the race.


Seasonal allergies got the best of me again last week. This marked my cue to lay low and take it easy between my Dad’s vacation and my friend flying in this weekend.

Last weekend I volunteered with Weld County Master Gardeners (more on this soon) and rode with Keegan to Fort Collins. I would’ve passed on volunteering to take care of myself, but since these resilient, older adults were braving the rain and cooler temperatures, I figured I ought to make an appearance and be a team-player. This set me back a day in the recovery process, but luckily I’m finally feeling better.

Saturday evening we watched Black Panther at the cheap theater, which was only $2 per person!! Who doesn’t love a cheap date? We also stopped by Peace Love and Little Donuts in Fort Collins, my favorite donut shop besides VooDoo in Denver.

Maple bacon and lemon blueberry donuts O.M.G.

And last but not least, we have my self-care regimen. Last Sunday I focused on my teeth, skin and nails. I’ve whitened my teeth, exfolitated my entire body and invested in a skin kit from Philosophy thanks to the gift card from Fatima. My nails look better too; the trim and polish does wonders for my mood. These seasonal allergies piss me off, but I’m also forced to re-evaluate self-care, so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. 20180520_173843.jpg

That’s all I have for now. In the meantime, here’s this: