The last few weeks at my job have been amazing. First, I was presented with the Steven Taylor Award. We have a plaque that we pass around ever quarter, so now it’s in our office in Loveland. The award comes with a thorough write-up and an Amazon gift card. I’m beyond grateful to work for an organization that recognizes the hard work of it’s employees, especially when you don’t expect anything in return besides a paycheck. I treated myself to two new pairs of sunglasses: One pair for hiking and one for fashion.


That evening, I tried Stuft in Greeley and loved it! They catered my husband’s work function years ago, and the burgers were so dry. This time, however, my burger was fresh, the fries were bomb and I discovered their boozy milkshakes. I’ve been trying to find adult milkshakes out here for years, and this place is just a few miles down the road! I was almost more excited about this discovery than the award itself!


Chocolate milkshake with Kahlua

The following week, I accepted the Staffing Manager position at my agency. This is our newest management position, and I’m so excited to make it my own. Of course there’s perimeters from which I will operate, but no one’s ever had this job before. I can’t wait to dive in soon.

To celebrate, Keegan took us out to eat, so we returned to Stuft again. This time I ordered the Cereal Bowl: Vanilla ice cream with Captain Crunch, Cookie Crisp, bacon, maple syrup and Captain Morgan, topped with a donut. That shit was ridiculous and delicious. In addition, I shopped around in Bath n Body Works and purchased two new three-wick candles. The Loveland location has the largest selection of White Barn candles I’ve encountered since I worked at Hickory Hollow Mall. Such a nice surprise!


What I expect and how things will be are probably two different things. The Staffing Manager position comes with all sorts of new responsibilities from hiring, on-boarding and training new employees to creating group cohesion and providing clinical supervision. I’ll also manage schedules, find DSPs for clients and hours for DSPs. I’m so eager for what the future holds; as I segue into this new role, I’ll remember to remain humble, grateful and grounded above all else. All I want is what’s best for our clients, and I know our DSPs feel the same.

I would write more, but I’m honestly wiped. I’ve been the sole behaviorist for two weeks while my coworker was out. I’m absorbing policies and procedures and trying to relax when I can. My Dad was in town the weekend before last and since then, I suffered a major allergy flare-up that put me out of commission for several days. Trying to catch up on my blog before Memorial Day Weekend. In the meantime, here’s this: