Last weekend was awesome! We met Brittany, Justin, Josh and Megan for dinner and drinks last Friday at Origins and Ale Works. Then, Saturday marked Christine’s annual Craw Fish Boil. Keegan and I were also invited to a joint birthday party on Saturday but couldn’t make it due to the time conflict. In addition, I sadly passed on a murder mystery baby shower in Denver, scheduled the same evening as the craw fish boil. It’s nice to feel loved, but now that I’m aware of FOMO, I refuse to overbook myself. Life’s too short to feel stressed out.

Origins: I have missed you so much!!
Burrata and the Van Gogh: Pistachio cream sauce, italian sausage, fior di latte, red onion, rosemary, sea salt, EVOO and crushed pistachio

Origins is something special, but the craw fish hit the spot on Saturday. Although it was a bit chilly outside, we enjoyed the Cajun vibes. Between the jazz, the food and new friends, I so look forward to this annual event. I brought our Vitamix from the house to make Pina Coladas and at some point, Fatima walked to the store to purchase Sake. This is our tradish now: Craw fish with Sake bombs, an eclectic mix to say the least.

Ian made an unexpected appearance and brought things up a notch. When Christine needed to dispose of the craw fish carcasses a few blocks over, she needed help opening the back gate. We threw ourselves against the stubborn fence to no avail. So Ian kicks through the fence accidentally and hits Jimmy in the face on the other side. Between this and all of us taking turns spinning on the hanging swing, I cried laughing all afternoon. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but wish I had the slow-mo video of Christine falling off the swing. Everything Fatima recorded was absolutely hilarious. If only we had footage from our shenanigans in the green house.


Overall we had a nice weekend out and about. Looking forward to Brittany and Justin’s brunch event next weekend.

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And on a side note, I wanted to share a few pics of my favorite duo, Buddy and Junip. Gnar Gnar is very much the middle child and prefers not to be involved, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t receive as much attention as these two. All three receive nothing but high quality care.

At any rate, Buddy and Junip remain steadfast friends, and their companionship makes me smile on the reg.


That’s all I have for now. In the meantime, here’s this: