The same day Keegan and I tried goat yoga, we discovered this beautiful place called Button Rock Preserve just outside of Lyons, Colorado. We figured if we were this far out, we may as well find somewhere to hike. This happy accident was thanks to Alltrails. Button Rock appeared as the #1 location on the list near Lyons, and it was free. We weren’t sure how many trails were available, so we reviewed the map upon arrival.

A neat dam near the trail head. From start to finish, this hike was SO beautiful and diverse!

I still don’t understand how we got so turned around, but I’m pretty sure we completed most of Sleepy Lion and part of a different trail, too. We walked around Ralph Price Reservoir and checked out Longmont Reservoir, as well. The preserve included dramatic views of Long’s Peak, Mt. Meeker and Twin Sisters. The trail runs alongside the St. Vrain River that leads to spot in which high pressure water rushes from the Button Rock Dam Spillway. The water was so loud and powerful; pics don’t do it justice.

This hike was probably my favorite of the year so far. I don’t wanna hype it up too much, though. I’d prefer this hidden gem tucked away in the valley remain as such. You have a dam, two reservoirs, a river, a spillway, shade and epic views all along this trail. You have a steep climb that you practically have to scramble to complete. And you also have a lot of room; it’s probably the widest trail I’ve ever seen in Colorado. Not to mention, our friends spotted my car in the parking lot! It’s too bad we didn’t run into Christine and Jimmy while hiking, but the coincidence made the day even more exciting.

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Keegan and I ended our adventure at Smoking Dave’s before we headed home. Between the hike, goat yoga and BBQ, it was such an awesome Saturday.

That’s all I have for now. In the meantime, here’s this: Some information regarding the flood a few years ago and how the landscape has changed as a result.