Seasonal allergies have gotten the best of me again. I took my sick ass to the doctor on Friday just to clarify that something more serious wasn’t going on. A good friend of mine had me worried that my thyroid was fucked up, but no. All is well, I’m just struggling with allergies, again.

I’ve been sick 7 times in 7 months. First, I caught the Adeno Virus back in September. Then, I developed a cold when my Granny passed away. I caught another severe cold the day before we landed in Nashville for Christmas and suffered a disgusting stomach bug just before New Years. And last but not least, I’ve had three severe allergy episodes lasting about a week each. The first was March 5th (same night as Bully), then the 18th and last Wednesday on April 4th. My poor body can’t seem to catch a break.

I asked the doc if I should be concerned about my immune system. He reported all my vitals are great and nothing is wrong with my thyroid. Apparently 25% of people who take DayQuil with Phenylephrine have trouble staying awake, and that was me last Thursday. You would think this ingredient would keep me awake, but no, I almost literally fell asleep at work. By contrary, the Zyrtec I took last night woke me up repeatedly, despite the drowsy warnings documented on the label. These side effects are so unpredictable.

I’ve tried everything this week, but Flonase and Zytec are my go-tos from here on out. I’m impressed with the efficacy of the Zytec–too bad I didn’t try this last Wednesday! Normally I’d be mad leaving the doctor’s office with a diagnoses as minor as allergies, but I’m glad he recommended these meds.

I’ve slept most of the weekend away, annoyed by my inability to engage in fun activities. And just by pure coincidence, I was introduced to FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out.

I had no idea there was such an acronym to describe my agony. First, I missed Bully in Denver, then I had to pass on my friend’s skate party and today my husband’s at the Rockies game without me. My allergies have caused me to miss out on three fun events in a month. I divulged in some serious self-pity Friday. I slept 14 hours and not a fuck was given.

FOMO is described as the anxiety one feels when he or she is unable to make an event and sees everyone else having fun without them. FOMO drives the need to compare ourselves to others and to constantly make sure we’re “in the know”. Ever since yesterday, this acronym has changed the way I observe my own behaviors. I’m upset I missed three events in a month, but the FOMO would’ve been worse had I been checking social media as often as I used to. Thank goodness my main goal this year was to focus. Learning about FOMO in the process constitutes another blog post unto itself.

Yesterday, I told myself to snap out of it. The FOMO will not take hold this weekend. I will listen to my body, and damn it, I will do right by her. Despite my extreme exhaustion, I drug myself to yoga thanks to Keegan’s gentle nudge. I also bought myself a few cupcakes to cheer up. Otherwise, I stayed at home and rested. We grabbed dinner at JB’s and that was pretty muct it.


I’m reminded to count my blessing, despite how sick I feel. I have a roof over my head, and Buddy is still alive. I found my Easter candy favorites half off last weekend. I now have time to catch up on my blog, reading and television shows such as High Maintenance, Barry and SNL. Things could always be worse; the last thing I should stress is missing out on fun events.


Buddy’s doing much better than he was a few weeks ago. Poor guy was so food crazy on steroids, we tried giving him green beans to no avail. We did find out, however, that Buddy loves carrots, of all things. So we’ve been giving him canned carrots to help curb his appetite, and he seems to love them. Between his two regular meals a day, an extra one for meds and carrots, Buddy’s spirits appear to have improved.

The green beans were a no go until Buddy became desperate and ate them anyways
Mama’s boy, snuggling with my robe ❤

Nothing major going on with the girls. Just glad Junip and Gnar Gnar are doing well. Sometimes they pretend to not like each other, and then I catch them napping together in the guest bedroom…*busted*


Why the heck would you hop in the water on purpose?!

Our deck and patio renovations continue to move along. We had to pause due to Buddy’s unexpected medical issues, but we’ll probably pick back up this week. Things like this can wait; my sweet boy’s health comes first above all else.

I’m grateful to spend time with our neighbors and Regina. Ben and Amanda had us over for ribs last weekend, for Keegan helping Ben build his shed. I can never say no to their food. Ben sure as hell knows how to cook.

Regina and I got together before my doctor’s appointment on Friday for coffee. It was nice catching up and touching base about the pregnancy.

And speaking of coffee, I haven’t had the Human Bean in like 12 days, which is basically a miracle. Besides meeting Reggie at Margie’s, I’ve been making coffee at the house. We invested in a cold brew cup with a filter, and this thing is changing my life. We considered an espresso machine, but no. Cold brew is much less acidic, and I prefer an iced coffee over a shot. We found some flavored creamers half off at the store plus some super strong coffee at Esh’s for $2.99. The upfront investment of the cup and supplies will pay itself off in a month. I love this new method of caffeine consumption. It almost tastes as good as the Bean. The goal is to save lots of money and calories.

My mini shopping spree last weekend rendered me new coffee supplies, work out clothes and supplies for my hair. Frankie did my hair, and I absolutely love it. We were supposed to meet sooner, but with Buddy’s recent medical concerns, I had to postpone my appointment. In any case, I think I’ll stick with this ashy blonde balayage for a while. I’ve never received so many compliments on my hair in my life. Initially I worried I couldn’t pull it off, but now I know I can run with pretty much any color I want.

Before and After


So in love with Joico’s Color Balance Purple. The violet hue is fun to rinse with.

And last but not least, I invested in more Tarte products. I’m sticking with their moisturizer and have enjoyed the 4-in-1 mist spray so far. I reached 100 points at Sephora and opted for a free sample of Tarte’s Radiant Drops. I’m saving these for a weekend outing, but they look really pretty.


I’m glad I listened to my body this weekend, although I still insisted on working out this morning. I made it through a whopping 30 minutes of cardio and weight-lifting at the gym before I finally decided it’s just not worth it to exhaust myself when I’m tired already. Keegan and I chilled in the sauna before heading home where I promptly returned to bed.

The one thing I truly enjoyed recently was goat yoga; I’ll save that for another post. But other than that, all is well. These allergies will come to pass like everything does. In the meantime, here’s this: