Can we talk about how much I love my new shelves? I showed Keegan a pic on Pinterest, and he made it happen–thanks babe!

Laundry room shelves

Keegan built the shelves over Spring Break. I’ve begged for kitchen storage for months, but I’m honestly too lazy to build anything myself. There’s a difference between crafty and woodwork-y.

So, Keegan followed this Home Depot tutorial, and now we have shelves! My minimal preference has nothing to do with my recent post; but truly, for years, I’ve preferred minimal furniture, nothing too large or bulky to move. Same goes for our storage. The last thing I want for our kitchen is a china cabinet. So when I found the floating shelves online, lending itself to an industrial feel, I had a strong suspension it would work in our kitchen. The black steel pipes drew me in immediately.


Do the shelves tie the whole kitchen together, or what?

We relocated our plant stand to the meditation room and moved our wall mounted mail holder to the foyer. Our kitchen looks so much less cluttered than it did. And now, most of my Granny’s dishes are all in one spot. My pressure canner and canned foods have a home, and the canner matches the stainless steel motif.  My retro Pyrex looks amazing against the dark oak shelves. I couldn’t be happier with the wood, the stain and the pipes.

That’s about it for now. Just needed to brag on my hubby–he’s awesome, and he knows how to make me happy.