I’m trying to remember what all happened before we received the news regarding Buddy’s health last Wednesday. Much like my life is marked by my Granny’s death, there was life before Buddy’s diagnoses and everything that’s followed.

My friend Fatima hosted an awesome citizenship party two weeks ago to celebrate her new status as an American citizen. I’m so happy that her future no longer remains uncertain. Fatima is one of the most hardworking people I know, and I’m proud of all she’s accomplished. Thank goodness our paths crossed at North Range–her friendship means so much to me!!

Christine’s Obama tee with the handle was my favorite
Proud of these strawberries

The next day, Keegan and I met with Claire and Matt for a late birthday celebration. Sadly, all the rooms were booked in Idaho Springs, so we opted for dinner instead. We had planned on Beau Jo’s regardless, which has kind of become “our thing”. The four of us met at the Arvada location, a little bit closer to Greeley. Their pizza is so worth the drive.

Aesthetic, but the flavor was off.

Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend was super fun. First, I took a veggie gardening class last Friday. Everything we learned was so valuable, and I thoroughly enjoyed our presenters. We weren’t offered this class last fall, so I’m super grateful to have snagged one of the two extra spots for graduates.

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Keegan and I walked Buddy around Glenmere Park before his injury; if only we knew what was coming the following week, I would’ve appreciated this walk more.

On a side note, we saw a random black duck. I’ve been feeding ducks and geese and the like for years while walking my dog, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a black duck in my life. Pretty cool, huh?


For Saint Patty’s Day, we hiked Arthur’s Rock at Lory State Park. I’ll tell ya, this trail kicked my ass when we first moved out here. I could barely catch my breath, and the elevation gains were nuts: 1,105 feet in a mile and half is pretty dang steep, not to mention the scrambling at the end.

Last weekend’s jaunt was so much easier than our first try two and half years ago. I love these moments out here when you can tell how much better shape you’re in thanks to moving from the south. Physical exercise standards in Tennessee aren’t super impressive, so moving to Colorado kinda forces you to rise to the challenge.

The elevation wore me out, but temperatures were great. I went from liking this trail to loving it; the sweeping, panoramic views from far above Hoorsetooth Reservoir are stunning.

August 29th, 2015. I can’t believe we hiked Arthur’s Rock, and we hadn’t even lived here for a full month. Caption on Facebook: This climb was SO intense, but we made it to the top!!

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Afterwards, Christine, Jimmy, Keegan and I pregamed at their house before grabbing drinks at McClellan’s Brewery. I tried an Adios MoFo which totally lived up to its name. This neighbor bar was more crowded than we’d ever seen it. Not too shabby for our first time trying it out. Their jalapeno cheddar stuffed pretzels hit the spot after hiking.


A few other milestones this month: Two years in our house, and my one year anniversary with my job. We closed on the 15th, and I started my job on the 16th. And, Keegan’s birthday was on the 12th. I made him a fancy surprise breakfast on Monday, the day after the time change super early in the morning. Even though it sucked waking up early, I love this time of year. All of these milestones put things in perspective. We have come so far, and I still look forward to continuous growth in my career.


Keegan’s swanky breakfast: Huevos Rancheros. Not pictured–hashbrown casserole with bacon and a lox and cream cheese bagel

Other than that, I’ve just been working out, reading and chilling. I got a new phone unexpectedly and switched from LG to the Samsung Galaxy S8. This phone is amazing, and I’m loving all the new features.

I’m also gathering plans and ideas for our backyard this summer. Looking forward to gardening soon. And now that Keegan goes Vasa, I’m more motivated than ever to stay on top of my grind. Last but not least, I’m eager for new Spring tunes from some of my favorite artists. JT’s new album is awful, but I have high hopes for A Perfect Circle, Courtney Barnett, Phife Dawg and Ty Segall.

The news from the vet broke my heart last week, but I’m keeping my head above water, and I’ll get to that soon. In the meantime, here’s this: