A few weeks ago, Keegan, Christine, Jimmy and I tried cross-country skiing. This seemed a little less daunting than downhill skiing, and sure enough, it wasn’t too difficult! Once you find your rhythm, the ebb and flow come naturally. Plus Youtube is full of ski instructors with helpful tips and information.

We parked at the top of Cameron Pass, about two hours west of Fort Collins. At 10,276 feet, I felt relieved to find some snow. We drove west up into the mountains for nearly an hour and a half before we came across fresh powder. No complaints though; Poudre Canyon is one of my favorite scenic drives out here.

After we parked, we made our way to Michigan Ditch. The wind was so strong, and the temps were so cold, I ended up getting a real bad sore throat, but it’s all good. What bothered me the most was traveling down a small slope to reach the trail. Each of us fell a few times, but it was all in good fun. Christine and I were new to skiing, while Keegan and Jimmy were experienced. Overall, I definitely enjoyed the experience and want to go again soon.

I’m not sure where that trail led to, but our stopping point was awesome. Every now and then, we find a trail with epic views. I’m happy to report that this jaunt was absolutely beautiful. The mountain views we encountered once we skied through the woods to an unexpected clearing were stunning. If I could vote on a place to be Microsoft screensavers, I would’ve nominated this area. Between the sun and the cloud coverage, the lighting was perfect for picturesque photos. We truly had a wonderful time.

Here we go…
Lord help me
Pretty much had the trail to ourselves
A Southern girl can survive
We look pretty good, huh?
Love my friends


“First time skiing obligatory selfie”
I think we were both in disbelief by how well I was doing LOL


It’s insane how quickly the weather changes out here. In a few hours, things went from bright and sunny to dark and foreboding.

But that didn’t stop us from hitting one last trail.

The boys were eager to ski as it snowed; I, on the other hand, had just gotten all warm and fuzzy in the car, enjoying my snacks after a calorie-burning activity. Still, when the guys and Christine got out for trail #2, I decided to give it one more good go.

We ended the day at the Mish before returning our skis to Jax. For those of you feeling apprehensive, I say go for it! I wish we hadn’t waited till our third winter season in Colorado to try cross-country skiing. I can’t wait to try again.

We scored a window booth at the Mish during happy hour

That’s all I have for now. In the meantime, here’s this: