This past weekend was very…challenging. As I washed the dishes Friday morning, the sink suddenly gave way to the cabinets below them. I cried out, “What in the actual fuck!” as I grabbed our pitcher normally reserved for sweet tea and frantically scooped gallons of water from beneath the sink. Luckily a container that houses our cleaning chemicals caught half the water, but the other half took awhile to mop up.



I hoisted the sink up off the valves, worried the pipes could bust at any moment. I did the best I could to prop the sink in place, but without any brackets to secure the sink, it was all I could do to secure it with the heavy garbage disposal weighing the whole thing down. I waited for Keegan and our neighbor to see what happened. I went from crying to laughing to feeling absolutely furious. What a shit job, I thought. Luckily my husband and Ben know how to solve the issue.

A few days prior, as I was daydreaming on my commute, I remembered a woman at Oprah’s Life You Want Tour speaking of patience.

“I don’t ask the Lord for patience anymore”, she retorted. “All he gave me was a bunch of frustrating situations! Like sitting in traffic for two hours or waiting on a late bill to arrive and get this: A woman at the grocery store with her cart full of belongings cut in front of me and then had the cashier go and clarify the price of her bananas! I don’t ask the Lord for no more patience, ’cause I ain’t got no time for it!”

Now mind you, Keegan and I have gone back and forth on which home repairs and projects to tackle first. Some are fun and exciting while others are boring but necessary. It all boils down to needs versus wants. And all I’ve wanted recently was for us to get on the same page.

So when the sink came crashing down and I remembered what I asked for, I had to take a step back and laugh. This unexpected reset put a few things in perspective:

  1. We’re gonna be okay. Sometimes we take life a little too seriously, and quite frankly, shit happens.
  2. You can let the sink divide you or align you. Friday night, we ordered pizza from Empire and decided not to cook or use any dishes. We also agreed to be especially nice to one another this weekend. To a certain degree, we anticipate feeling frustrated in the next few days, while we wait on the parts to arrive. Let’s do our best to treat each other with kindness instead of getting mad with each other.
  3. Don’t take for granted when things are going well, such as the sink being in the right spot and not falling out.

Before the sink fell through the counter, a few things were bothering me. My client’s not doing well, our siding needs work and Junip’s been wheezing. I still miss my Granny; I’m grieving, but I’m not depressed. But that doesn’t make it any easier sometimes. And to top it all off, the gun debate continues. Sometimes it just feels like one thing after another.

I’m not at a point where I can say I’m glad the sink fell through, but I’m grateful for the wake-up call and the reminder to be grateful for the things that are going right. Friday I asked Keegan, What else could go wrong?”, and yesterday, we had a gas leak scare in our house. Luckily we’re good, but I don’t think I’ll ever ask what else could go wrong ever again.

I’m reminded to be grateful for my clients that are doing well. That Junip will meet her new veterinarian soon. That my taxes will be done soon and my Xeriscaping class last Thursday was awesome. I’m grateful my inter-library loan came through, and I’ve started reading White American Youth, borrowed from a library in Fort Collins.  I’m grateful for my husband, Dad and Ben; they came to my rescue as I suffered a minor meltdown last Friday. I’m grateful for Matt, Claire and John; their friendship distracted us from the repairs Saturday night, as we got “cross faded” in Denver together. I’m also grateful for my gym membership and to be working out consistently again. The gym allows me to sweat-out these frustrations, many of which I have absolutely no control over.

Grateful that these cuties share such a tight-knit bond

Grateful for quiet moments in my Roastery sweater with my Rumchata hot chocolate and peppermint stirrers, sipping from my Roastery mug

At the risk of this sounding like a humble-bragging post, which no one cares to read, I really am grateful to be reminded to be grateful. My blog wouldn’t be so honest without sharing how things go wrong sometimes. I won’t put everything online, because we’re all due some dignity and privacy, but I also refuse to pretend that everything’s perfect all the time. These last few days have sucked to a certain degree, but there’s still things to be grateful for.

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The ultimate reset begins tomorrow. Details coming soon.