We’re 6 weeks into the new year. By now, a lot of folks have given up on their resolutions. But I’m trying really hard to stick with what I planned. My 30 Goals at 30 initiative is going well so far.

I googled the definition of resolution out of curiosity. Resolution is defined as “A firm decision to do or not do something.” Statistically speaking, most people give up their resolutions by the middle of January. And I always wonder, how is this so? The two most popular resolutions are to exercise more often or to quit smoking. In these cases, I get it. One must sustain the habit of working out or refraining from smoking. Both are an ongoing process.

But so many of my resolutions are one-time things, something I’ve wanted to do or see or experience or whatever. My husband and I went back and forth one afternoon. Keegan’s self-improvement resolutions are continuous, whereas my goals involve experiences as a means for me to improve. For instance, I’m taking a cooking class this year. Is this a continuous thing? No, it’s a one-time cooking course, but overall my goal is to enhance my cooking skills. Smoking and losing weight are so much more measurable than some of my subjective goals. And sometimes I wonder if this is why I’m successful each year, for the most part. Maybe my goals are almost a little too easy.

By contrary, the two goals I’ve failed to reach year after year are meditating and reading unfinished books. I own at least half a dozen books that I grew tired of reading. I’ve also tricked my mind into believing I don’t have enough time to meditate, despite deleting Instagram from my phone.

My three overarching goals this year are to focus, read my books and meditate at least three times a week. I tried to meditate for 21 days in a row in January. I meditated for 15 days and skipped 6. So basically if I can start over at 3 days a week and build on that, surely I will be more successful in the future.


This stack indicates the split between reading for pleasure and reading for work. I’m reading for pleasure first, so I’ll be motivated to tackle career-reads next week.

My friend gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble, and the books were buy two get one free. My other friend, Holly, let me use her card, which saved me 10%. So basically I bought three brand new books from Barnes and Noble for only $7. I won’t read Commonwealth, Britt-Marie Was Here and the Lost City of the Monkey God until I finish my library books that I’ve already renewed once. But this really will be the year I finish everything, and once I’m done with these library books, I won’t return to the library until I’m finished with the books I’ve purchased through the years. That’s the plan for now.

When I tried to rent a book from the library and it said “Only available in eBooks”, I asked the librarian what’s going on. Apparently our library networks with Hoopla, this free app that syncs eBooks and audio books to your phone. Sooo you’re telling me this has been a thing for a while, and all I thought was available was the audio books in the library? GFTO!

Since discovering this app, I’ve rented Truth and Beauty, the Untethered Soul, Radical Acceptance, The New Jim Crow, Brain on Fire, State of Wonder, March Forward, Girl, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, and Present Over Perfect. Some books I have at home that I haven’t finished reading can be rented in the audio book form. This app is changing my life, y’all.

So what other goals have I met so far, you might ask? I went to Seattle, I’m eating more salads (gross) and trying to like olives and apples. I tried a muffaletta at Christine’s Mardi Gras party Friday night, and the green olives really weren’t too bad. It’s crazy how much I love Italian food, but olives taste so salty to me. These three foods are what I’m trying to incorporate into my cooking and meal-planning. So far, so good.

Chicken Cobb Salad from Panera with a Tuna Sandwich

We had a few bare walls in the house that are slowly being covered thanks to my great grandmother’s artwork. From paintings to intricate crochets and doilies, I’m beyond impressed with everything this woman’s crafted. I’m even more grateful to be the recipient of such detailed work. My great grandmother’s art is so perfectly symmetrical, we almost hung two things upside down yesterday, because we couldn’t tell the difference. I want our house to feel more like a home this year. With the snow we’ve received this weekend, it’s been great to take it easy and to focus on interior decorating. Eventually I’ll print some family pics and add them to the walls, as well.

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We are so digging this foggy, snowy weather

I learned how to use my binoculars recently, so I’m looking for a birding class in the Spring. I also purchased field guides for Birding and Colorado Flora. One of my resolutions was to enroll in a birding class this year. I’m reaching out to Bird Conservancy of the Rockies this week.

That Rocky Mountain Flora book is Master Gardener approved, so you know it’s the real deal

And last but not least, I’ve been matched with a perfume (three to be exact) and am phasing out my makeup products that are not cruelty free. I splurged at Sephora recently, since I was running low on my cleanser, moisturizer, concealer, contour and makeup remover.

Two of my 30 goals were to find my “adult fragrance” and to phase out my non-cruelty-free products. As much as it kills me to part ways with Clinique, it needs to be done. So I invested in Tarte products and worked with a saleswoman until we arrived at Elizabeth and James for my fragrance, which is apparently Mary Kate and Ashley. I had no idea until I arrived home with all my goodies. Now my adult perfume doesn’t feel very adult, but whatever. I would’ve never known the difference had I not googled the brand.

Did you know at Sephora you can take a digital quiz that reveals your favorite fragrances? I didn’t expect to enjoy masculine, woodsy, warm, full-bodied fragrances, but alas, that’s what I like. Elizabeth and James has a set of three perfumes for $28, and it’s such a steal when you do the math. .72 total ounces for $28 versus one ounce for the cheapest fragrance is $68 and the other two are $85….how could you not land on this deal? Plus I can experiment with three different scents, so overall it’s a win-win.

Treat yo self featuring new reads, sweat wicking socks, a phone charger, Tarte products, a Japonesque brush, perfume, snacking chocolate for wine, Mary’s Mountain Cookies, and my free birthday gift from Sephora.

That’s about it for now. Just enjoying the snowy weather and snuggles with our pets. Between Christine’s party and watching Jumangi last night at the theater by our house, it’s been an awesome weekend.