Just want to take a moment to expand on my birthday month, 25 days into my 30’s. Shout out to my husband, family and friends for making last month so much fun.

The weekend before Seattle, I got my hair done in Fort Collins. I haven’t gone blonde in a minute; this refreshing look keeps me young at heart despite my age, haha. Balayage for the win.

Keegan and I went to Beau Jo’s on Saturday, my favorite pizza place. I believe this also marks the same weekend we began watching Parenthood. Thanks to Matt’s suggestion,  I’ve been hooked ever since.

Sunday I drove to Cherry Creek for a massage with Ponder’s girlfriend, Laura. Like every massage I’ve ever had, I never realize how badly it’s needed until it’s done. Laura dug into my back unlike any other masseuse I’ve worked with. She released so much tension in my neck, shoulders and back. I left feeling so relaxed and peaceful. I look forward to round two in the Spring, when Laura and Ponder are able to hang afterwards. Between this and getting my hair done, it was such an awesome weekend.

The day before my birthday, the woman in the car in front of me gave me her free drink at the Human Bean. I waved thanks as she sped away, touched by her kindness and generosity. I also received three gift cards from family and friends: Olive Garden, Starbucks and Barnes n Noble.

And it wouldn’t be the perfect birthday week without a loaded baked potato. The Monday before my birthday, I treated myself to Dickie’s.

Receiving my Granny’s belongings in the mail was bittersweet. I’m grateful for her crock pots, towels, storage containers and pictures. I’m even more grateful for the quilt, my great grandmother’s artwork and the small ceramic dutch shoes hanging from my rear view mirror.

Keegan and I’s first attempt at hanging the quilt didn’t work; the clips could not support the weight of the blanket. Two weeks later, I bought a rod and rings with clips attached. Not only does this look much better, these new clips support the weight. I’m proud to proclaim that the quilt is on display in the meditation room.


The weekend after Seattle, Keegan and I hosted a Party Like a Pineapple party. We incorporated flamingos and plenty of tropical booze. I stole Christine’s Grandma’s Red Rooster recipe, which is basically a strong daiquiri drink that no one could disapprove of. And our photo booth turned out exceptionally well. It’s been two weeks, and I refuse to take it down. I think I’ll Party Like a Pineapple into March.

I was glad to see my cousin Sean, whom I hadn’t seen in forever, as in 20 something years. Now that he lives in Boulder, I hope we’re able to hang more often.

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Aside from my shopping sprees at Ulta, Sephora and H&M (before the racist monkey hoodie incident occured, might I add), I’ve been taking it easy. Just enjoying the snowy weather and reading nonstop.


I rarely dedicate an entire month to celebrating my birthday; I haven’t done so since I turned 21. But I have to say, kicking off the year with this much excitement has got me motivated. And Oprah’s birthday is in January, too. All the more reason to celebrate, amirite?

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I anticipate 30 being one of my very best years, as long as I remain focused. In the meantime, here’s this: