I planned on writing a blog about 2017, what I learned and what I hope for in the upcoming year. But since I posted a lengthy status earlier that sums up my thoughts and feelings, I’ll go ahead and share that instead.

A few things I didn’t mention: Buddy remains cancer free! We took him to the vet on Saturday, worried about his declining health. He’s developing cataracts and losing his hearing, but all in all he’s doing very well.

And when I vaguely mention boundaries, I’m talking about not being taken advantage of and not feeling obligated to do anything I don’t want to do. I used to be such a “yes” person, and I viewed some people with better boundaries as being too rigid, but that’s not the case anymore. Sometimes it’s nice to say no, and if there’s a chance I might feel even slightly resentful towards you, because you’re trying to force me to hang with you when I don’t want to, it ain’t gonna happen lol. Self-preservation is key, and Keegan and I are definitely on the same page when it comes to this goal. I’m grateful to have someone that supports and encourages me to reach my goals.

Speaking of goals, I have quite a few. This sort of goes against my “do less with more focus stance”, but not really. A lot of my goals are hiking, gardening and cooking-related. Some goals are measurable, such as learning how to change a tire, and others are abstract; how does one really aim to become a morning person? And do I even want to be a morning person? I’m a night owl at heart, and maybe that’s perfectly fine.

If I reach 2/3 of my goals this year, I’ll be happy. I’m rehashing them this evening, removing and adding a few more till this list appears manageable.

Today’s my last day off before I return to work. I love my job, but I’m dreading checking my emails when I haven’t in 11 days. The last several days post-Nashville have been a perfect mix of sleeping in late, snuggling the pets and enjoying our new Xfinity subscription (with On Demand, might I add) and being social af. I watched a few new shows on HBO, A Man Named Ove and Kedi, the sweetest documentary about cats in Istanbul. I also rented like 6 books from the library that I’ll be starting on tonight.

Friday night, we hung out with Brittany and Justin at their house. Saturday, we met Matt and Claire for lunch at Oskar Blues in Longmont. I got food poisoning somehow and worried it might wreck my New Years Eve, but it passed pretty quickly besides this slight sense of nausea I can’t seem to shake. And last night, for NYE, we kicked it at Christine and Jimmy’s in Fort Collins. We all agreed a few weeks ago to go out, but then I got food poisoning, and they preferred to stay in anyways, which was totally cool with us. It was a snowy, drunken New Years Eve with the cats and Buddy and solid, reliable friends. I woke up without a hangover even though we drank quite a bit. I think I’ve finally mastered this whole adulting thing.





I’m 10 days away from being 30 years old and hope to make the best of this next week and a half. In the meantime, here’s this: Some valuable “life” information from Tim Ferriss. His interview on The Good Life Project left me with a bad first impression, but he’s gradually grown on me since then thanks to his plethora of other interviews I’ve found online.