Ever since last Thursday, my life has been all about Christmas. First, my agency held it’s Second Annual Appreciation Luncheon, and well over 100 people attended. Then, Keegan and I checked out the Greeley Grizwald’s lights, which might just be our new annual tradish. Friday evening, Kelly and I grabbed dinner and drinks at Vine Street Pub before we Ubered to Denver Botanical Gardens for Blossoms of Light. And last but not least, Christine hosted her Christmas party. We ate a ton of food, drank slushies from a bucket, played with the cats and made ornaments from scratch.

First, a few pics from our Christmas party…


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Here’s a video and some pics from the Greeley Grizwald’s, whose lights I’m most certain you can see from space. Their house is so bright! I would either love or hate to be their neighbors.


I’m glad you can see the scope of the lights here. Instagram cropped the video for some lame reason.




I can’t decide if I had more fun at the gardens or Christine’s party; both nights were awesome in their own ways!

DBG was super impressive. It seemed as if every branch in the park was illuminated. I can’t even imagine how much work it took to put up all those lights. DBG, if you’re reading this, just know that I seriously appreciate everything you do for this event! And I plan to bring my hubby next year!!



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Christine’s party was cool, because of the endless food. First, we started with charcuterie, then we moved onto two crescent wheels: One with bacon, brie and cranberry sauce, and the other was vegetable. And that’s not to mention the homemade prezels. The main course consisted of roast, slow-cook mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, cheesy spinach and I can’t even remember what else. For dessert, we had pecan cheesecake and cookies. That was pretty much the most calories I’d had all week. And whatever Christine put in her bucket of slush was delicious.

We made ornaments with the stuff I saved from an ornament party I hosted several years ago. We also exchanged gifts and played with a grumpy cat mask. All in all I couldn’t have asked for a better Friendsmas.


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And last but not least, I’m sharing some pics of the pets. The girls have enjoyed their time under the tree, while Buddy scored a trip to the dog park and time with Santa. Apparently Santa made an appearance at Petsmart the same day Buddy went to have his nails trimmed. Lucky pup!



I love this time of year and am grateful to share these experiences with the hubby and friends. Here’s a scene from one of my favorite Christmas movies–hope everyone has a wonderful week!