Ever since we returned from Dallas, the name of the game has been relaxing. Keegan and I have maintained a low profile, still hanging out with some people, but not feeling obligated to do anything we don’t want to do. The weekend after Dallas, Keegan’s friend who shall remain unnamed, (although I really wanna blast his ass on social media) came over and drank all of his beer and stayed the night despite us giving him strong social cues that we wanted him to leave. But once someone’s drunk, I suppose you’re responsible for them, and I guess it would be irresponsible of us to insist he leaves by that point. But it was a lesson learned for sure; not hanging out with that guy again for awhile.

Otherwise, I’d like to think we surround ourselves with good people. Kelly and I grabbed dinner recently, Keegan and I met Christine and Jimmy for brunch last weekend, plus we caught up with Nick and Regina last weekend. We have a lot to be grateful for; it’s those users you gotta be weary of.

After the incident with the unnamed prick, Keegan and I agreed to spend last Saturday alone. We really needed some “us” time, so we hiked in Eldorado Canyon and grabbed barbecue in Boulder afterwards. I forgot how much I love The Hill; there’s so many cute shops to check out, awesome food and nice people. Big Daddy’s BBQ was the best I’ve had in Colorado. I know I said the same thing when Tika and I tried Roaming Buffalo in October, but Big Daddy’s has stuffed baked potatoes, and that’s my number one favorite food in the history of ever. The drinks were good, too, especially after hiking several miles. Insomnia Cookies cured my sweet tooth before we headed home. And to top it all off, my friend Sonny asked me to help her out with her boyfriend’s cross-country photo album, so I brought a sticky note with us and took pics with it in the wilderness.

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That evening, we watched Christmas movies, and I made myself a Rumchata Russian. It was the relaxing weekend I’ve so desperately needed. I love feeling loved and comforted by my husband. His loyalty is unwavering. I also indulged in some retail therapy while shopping for friends and family.


I baked a loaf of carrot zucchini bread earlier this week and finally mastered the art of cooking a whole chicken! This is huge for me, because in the past my chickens and turkeys have turned out dry and half-cooked. Thanks to this new cookbook I’m reading, the tips the author provided worked like a charm. Now it’s just a matter of perfecting my baking at a higher elevation. Up next is yeast roles!


For the first time in awhile, I feel centered. I still mourn the loss of my Granny and feel like I’m in denial. But I’m hanging in there the best I can. I’ve practiced self-care nearly every day since she’s been gone. I went to the optometrist and dentist for the first time in three years and purchased two new sets of frames. I talk to myself more kindly and pay more attention to how I feel and what I want to do. There’e never a good time of year to lose someone you love, but with 2017 coming to an end, I find myself reflecting on life and relationships. What can I do to be a good wife, friend, family member, employee, etc. My 20’s are almost over, and I plan to put my best foot forward next year. For now, I’m all about self-care and being kind towards others. The way you treat people is a reflection of how you view yourself. All I want to reflect is acts of love and kindness.