I’m trying to post this before we leave for Thanksgiving this evening. Basically, Halloween weekend, we met up with Matt and Claire for pizza and Denver’s Oddities and Curiosities event. It was definitely odd to say the least; we found all sorts of preserved specimens, such a stillborn bulldog, several cats, birds and rabbits. I also encountered a woman with a split tongue and a large boa constrictor.

Afterwards we drove to Cheesman Park to take Buddy for a walk and to see whether or not we could find evidence of the park being haunted. Feel free to click here to read more about the park’s history. Sadly nothing spooky happened, but it’s probably for the best. Here’s a few pics from Saturday morning and afternoon, the weekend before Halloween.

Once we left the park, we headed to Katie’s house to get ready. My friend Brandi was nice enough to make a tutorial for my makeup. So it took me an hour to get it done, but I followed Brandi’s directions step by step and the look I was aiming for turned out so well! I dressed up as an alien, and my husband dressed up as an astronaut.

My makeup included the basics: Moisturizer, concealer and foundation. Then I worked on my eye-shadow, liner and mascara, followed by heavy contouring around my jaw line and forehead. I blended the hell out of that shit until I was finally satisfied with the look. I used purple and bright pink with a sparkly primer by NYX. I took that same primer (supposedly for eye shadow, but I used it all over) to build my highlight. I added a cream Honest highlight on top, followed by my Ulta powder highlight. It’s a lot to explain, but watching Brandi perfect the look the week before made me realize how heavy I had to go on the highlighter to get the translucent affect I was aiming for.

Once my makeup was done, the hair was easy. I trialed the $1.99 bright blue spray I purchased the week before and decided I didn’t like the color in my part. So I separated my hair into two buns, sprayed them both with the blue dye and added silver glitter to my part instead. The headband really pulled it all together. I couldn’t have been more happy with my costume this year.

Y’all would not believe how many compliments my husband received on his outfit. He took a giant cheese ball container and cut it into his helmet, put at least two fans in his outfit to stay cool, inserted lights with cool effects and covered his backpack in tinfoil to make into a space backpack equipped with a nifty vacuum hose. He also added Major Tom to the front of his pack; pretty much everyone we encountered was stoked about the David Bowie reference. By the end of the night, I was wishing we had gone some place with a costume contest–I am certain he would have won, based on how many people stopped us to take pictures.

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Overall this marked the best Halloween we’ve had in Colorado so far. Milk and Bar Standard joined forces for a three-story, 4 room party (one of which was an arcade) featuring several different DJs. I was mainly there for TR/ST, and his set did not disappoint. We appreciated the live drummer, and the sound quality was on point.

When we return from vacation, I’ll recap our trip to Arizona, Matthew’s vacation and Thanksgiving. Plus I’ve learned a lot in my gardening classes, and I’m dying to share those deets. We have a lot to catch up on, but for now I’m looking forward to the weekend. Hope everyone has a safe and joyous Thanksgiving with their friends and family!