As per the usual, I’m catching up on my blog a few weeks later. With these Master Gardener classes, I’ve been so focused on soaking in all this new information that my blog has taken the backseat. And that’s totally okay. It’s Friday afternoon, and I got a lot done this morning: Compared Centurylink to Comcast, collected all my car paperwork and stored it in my file cabinet, met with Holly and her mom to introduce them to the cats, cleaned the house, finished the laundry and practiced my Halloween makeup. So now I can finally relax and blog and read before we go out tonight.

Keegan had Friday the 13th off, so we headed to St Vrain State Park. There’s a lot of places in the state named St. Vrain this and St. Vrain that. So I’ve always wanted to see what the park had to offer. In all honesty, it wasn’t super impressive. Blame it on the weather, but the mountain views were obstructed, and as soon as we pulled up we could tell this was a park developed for fishing and bird watching, and I totally forgot my binoculars.

We arrived for hiking, and the trails were okay. Buddy had a good time and was worn out after a mile, so we finally got to try our new dog carrier. The design of this product resembles something you’d carry a newborn in, so every time we placed Buddy in the carrier I died laughing. That was pretty much the highlight of the trip for me. We hiked three miles total, two of which Buddy didn’t have to walk.

The one crazy thing that happened was I almost stepped on a snake! I swear to God, this area of Colorado is covered in snakes. I didn’t even see it under the leaves, but when it snapped at me I leaped back and screamed. Luckily I was wearing close-toed shoes, but that was brush of unfortunate luck and near death on Friday the 13th (just kidding about the death part). Could’ve been worse!


Enjoying the last bit of fall colors at lower elevations…about 5,000 feet

Once Keegan and I returned to the house, we either dropped off Buddy and went to Fort Collins to watch Annabelle at the cheap theater with Keegan’s friend whose name I also can’t remember, or we grabbed martinis in Loveland and hung out at Brittany and Justin’s that night. By this point the weekend is a blur, and I can’t remember what happened when. All I know is that it was fun. Generations has the best martinis, and I appreciate Brittany and Justin’s TV show suggestions. Between High Maintenance, Review, Silicon Valley and Stranger Things, it’s nice to finally watch some new stuff! And thanks to Keegan for the recommendations, as well!


When your hubby buys you shots for the movies

I hope to get caught up on my blog soon, but it may or may not happen with everything we have going on this weekend. Overall it’s been an awesome month. I love this time of year!!