Tonight supposedly marks our first snow of the season. It is October 8th and we’re receiving snow already?! I don’t know how to feel about this. On the one hand, I always love the first snow. But then again, snow doesn’t usually arrive till Thanksgiving or the week before.
There’s nothing we can do except get outside and enjoy the weather. Keegan and I watched our friend’s dog over the weekend, so we brought Remi and Buddy with us in public when we were able to. Friday night, we introduced our other friend Andrew to Syntax and college Roma’s. We chilled with my favorite bar kitty, Gustav, and tried the new Pumped Up Russian, which was honestly the perfect fall drink. We didn’t know about their First Friday art events, so stumbling across a random quartet added a nice touch to the evening.



I woke up Saturday morning to what would have been breakfast in bed, if it wasn’t for Buddy and Remi trying to eat my food (lol). Keegan surprised me with loaded potatoes, sunny side up eggs, a bagel and a waffle with our homemade blueberry compote. This was just the energy I needed to get me through the day. We took the boys to the Cultural Festival and strolled downtown Greeley in search of coffee.



Last night I tried my hand at tuna casserole, which was almost a fail but I managed to save it. Some of these Pinterest recipes need more specific directions, but otherwise it turned out well.


And last but not least, I made a tomato cobbler this morning as my friend strongly recommended. I’ve had so many tomatoes to sift through before the frost hits, and I was running low on lemon boy ideas. Thus she sent me this recipe, and the rest is history. I modified a bit, and it turned out so well! Also, this marks my first try at making biscuits from scratch, and I can’t believe how flaky and soft they turned out given my elevation woes.

I didn’t realize till I was half way through this recipe that we didn’t have any biscuit cutters. So I used my heart-shaped cookie cutters instead and the Vitamix tamper as a rolling pin. I laughed at these solutions as I flattened and cut the dough. My cobbler turned out more adorable than expected.

We’re finally done with our tomatoes for the season, unless we decided to pick some green tomatoes and have them ripen in the window. It’s been a solid year for gardening with 6 or 7 rounds of tomatoes total.


Other than that life is good! Just cooking, gardening and reading. Looking forward to this last leg of the year and making these last few months in my 20’s the very best they can be!!