Sooo, I got my hair done by this new awesome chick and ended up catching the Adenovirus. Apparently it was going around Greeley, and I caught the tail end of it in Fort Collins. It’s been awful but worth it. I probably sound picky when I say I’ve been through five stylists since moving to Colorado two years ago, but it’s because none of them understood color too well and a few had no clue how to manage my curly hair.

The last chick before this one charged me an astronomical amount for something I didn’t want and blamed the texture of my hair. So I knew this time I wanted to go to someone reputable and trustworthy. Franke has been a Godsend, thanks to Megan and Amanda’s referrals. And they were right! Not only did I get exactly what I wanted, she’s super friendly, down to earth and into the same stuff as me.


No filter–perfect balayage
That ain’t what I’m trying to look like LOL

I got my hair done on the 8th and noticed my throat was sore before bed. We were celebrating Christine’s birthday the following day in Blackhawk, and I wasn’t about to miss out. This turned out to be a not so great idea. The mixed drinks dried out my throat  and Sunday morning, it was full-blown. Soreness, sinus pressure, sneezing, coughing, congestion, dizziness and fatigue appeared out of nowhere. I took Monday and Tuesday off and forewent safety care in Aurora on Thursday. Wednesday felt like a drug-induced haze, as if I shouldn’t be driving but I did so with caution anyways.

That weekend was Christine and Jimmy’s impromptu Cajun feast, and yet again, I didn’t want to miss out. I should’ve napped for more than just an hour on Saturday, but no, I drove to Yankee Candle, napped and went to Christine’s to hang for a few. I enjoyed catching up with Brittany, Justin, Fatima, Christine and Jimmy, and I managed to refrain from drinking, but I should’ve stayed home. One thing I noticed was how the spicy gumbo, crawfish etoufee and alligator tail with horseradish all seemed to open my sinuses, so that was a plus. But I still felt sick as fuck, as if my symptoms had barely improved at all.

This past weekend, I decided to finally take it easy for real. I bought a bunch of liquids and snacks from the store, rented movies from Red box and books from the library and meal-prepped for this upcoming week when I had the energy. I watched the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony mainly for Tupac and Pearl Jam. I played around on my iPad and downloaded Master Garden materials for my first class on Tuesday. And last but not least, we picked more tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, kale, raspberries and herbs from the garden.

This time of year is perfect for diving into books.

As far as cooking is concerned, it’s getting awfully chilly out here. A few days before fall, it started feeling like fall for real. So it’s no wonder I’ve resorted to turkey chili, Moroccan chickpea stew and hummus with warm naan. I also made homemade salsa that’s super spicy so my sinuses continue to drain.


All of this might not sound relaxing, but I barely left the house this weekend. My friend Cynthia and I met for lunch Friday before I retreated back to bed. I’ve slept between 10-13 hours the last 3 nights and napped Saturday, as well.

Overall it’s been nice to take it easy. My PCP informed me of the Adenovirus Thursday afternoon and encouraged me to keep taking OTC meds. So far I’ve taken Benadryl, Zyrtec, Sudafed (behind the counter and OTC), Mucinex day and night tablets, Chloraseptic, several types of tea and hot chocolate (not that hot chocolate is medicinal, but I like to pretend it is). At this point, there’s no rhyme or reason to my meds–I take something every 4-6 hours and Zyrtec every 18 hours.

It’s ironic how I advised Keegan to slow down recently before he quit his third job. The only summer job he had was landscaping, but during the school year, he teaches kindergarten and works at Right to Read two nights a week. As his summer job was bleeding into the school year and he began working weekends, I warned him to quit before his body or mind left him with no other choice. Little did I know, this would soon happen to me.

I was influenced by a podcast episode in which Oprah Winfrey interviews Shauna Niequist in Orah’s hit series, Super Soul Conversations. They talk about her book called Present Over Perfect, which is now on my to-read list. You can listen to the interview posted below, but Niequist’s overarching message of learning to slow down and evaluating what you’re avoiding by staying incessantly busy struck a nerve. I felt compelled to share this information with my husband.

Just a few days after talking with Keegan, I wound up with the Adenovirus. The timing was ironic between receiving the “slow-down message” and becoming sick overnight. The first two weekends, I still refused to take it easy. This past weekend, I finally willingly succumbed to my unavoidable circumstances. I spent much of this weekend in bed, and it felt amazing. I focused on my health and our pets and intuitively searched for what exactly my body needed. “Do you need more water?”, I would ask myself. Okay. “What about something spicy?” Here’s some chili. “A sporadic nap?” I embraced my bed with its clean sheets and snot-free pillowcases with no guilt whatsoever.

I’m looking forward to work tomorrow, because I know I’m almost better. Just a few more days, and I should be good. My PCP stated it would take 3-3 1/2 weeks to feel completely better, and it’s been two weeks and two days. This cousin strand of the flu won’t seem to let go with exhaustion, fatigue and coughing as the primary symptoms, but ever since I drank a large Gatorade, one of those Bolton Farms drinks and 4 tall glasses of water Friday night, I know hydration is key in moving past this virus. And once I’m 100%, I’ll bounce back with such a grateful vengeance, I’ll never take my health for granted again, until it’s time for another wake-up call such as this one.

I plan to spend some time in October reflecting on why I stay so busy, although I suspect this is partially due to the last three years being go go go nonstop, which has since become the norm. In the meantime, here’s this. The sound quality isn’t great, but the message is on point.