Sometimes I like to write a “dump post” where I add a bunch of random things that have happened recently. I don’t have enough time to write every time I cook or hang with friends, hence my end-of-summer dump post.

Keegan and I were invited to David and Laura’s house for David’s 30th birthday. On the way, we stopped by the liquor store, and Keegan let me pick out whatever I wanted. I found a huge bottle of Frappa Chata and had to try it. It’s awesome all by itself, poured over ice. It’s even better with a shot of Pumpkin Spice Vodka and milk, like a fall White Russian. 19.99 for 1.75 liters isn’t bad when it’s normally a dollar more for the basic Rumchata at .750 ml. 10/10 would highly recommend.

The party was fun, and my drinks were good. We drove to Syntax afterwards where I had one too many drinks and passed out at like 9:00 on a Saturday night.


Ever since I tried Scotch Eggs at Fat Cat Cafe, I had to replicate the yumminess at home. You’re supposed to soft-boil the eggs and deep-fry them without overcooking the eggs. They turned to hard-boiled eggs, but I aint mad. These are probably the best thing I’ve cooked all year. Here’s the recipe if you’re interested! We modified the eggs to make them spicy, and they were so so good.

Christine, Jimmy, Fatima and I hiked Greyrock in Fort Collins while Keegan spent the weekend in Nashville. Afterwards we tried to replicate Welsh Rabbit with a cheese sesh featuring 7 types of cheese, toasted french bread with smoked salmon pâté, cream cheese, crackers and homemade pepper jelly, fresh tomatoes from the garden, stuffed grape leaves, toasted almonds, sweet garden peppers, chips and salsa. Well deserved after such a long hike!

Also, Keegan and I hosted an Italian-themed potluck back in August. The caprese skewers were my favorite!

My garden has produced 4 hefty rounds of tomatoes so far. Our jalapeno plant is doing better than the bell pepper planted potted by itself, so we’re eating plenty of spicy foods lately. The cucumbers are small and cute and pack a strong punch of flavor. The kale keeps coming back, and we plan to add more spinach to the garden soon.

I bought a small dragon-tree recently affectionately named Dougie the Dragon Tree. Gnar Gnar loves to chew on it for some reason, leading us to place Dougie on the highest shelf of our plant stand.

And last but not least, I’ve canned up a storm in recently weeks. Everything tastes so wonderful, fresh and original. I love taking some of these canning recipes and making them into my own by modifying the spices.

Yesterday we celebrated Christine’s birthday in Blackhawk, marking my first official stab at gambling. I realized how conservative I am with my money. I signed up for a membership card which gave me $5 free dollars to spend, and once I played the slots or tables for 30 minutes, I qualified for a free buffet. All day long, I only spent $5 between the slot machines and tips for drinks. I enjoyed a free buffet and 6 free drinks, so I’d say it was a good day. I brought $40 to spend and left with $35. I feel like I came out on top, all things considered.

And last but not least, a T.V. on the Radio track, since that’s all we listened to on the way home from the casino.