This morning I woke up, looked in the mirror and said out loud verbatim, “You are fucking awesome, gorgeous and successful. Don’t ever let anyone make you second guess your self-worth”. I proceeded to do my hair and makeup, complimenting myself along the way. “Ooo girl, that $5 Wet n Wild lipstick looks good on you!” and “You’ve come a long ways in your messy bun attempts! Your hair is fire; work with it and not against it!!”


Grandiose as it may sound, I suffered from self-esteem issues for the longest, and now I love myself to the fullest. Three years ago this weekend I road-tripped to Atlanta for Oprah’s Life You Want Tour. And now I sit here reflecting and asking myself, am I really living the life I want? 

The answer is yes. My life has changed significantly in the last three years; I had no idea at the conference that a year later, I’d be a newlywed living in a new state about to begin a new job. And now I have a mortgage, a master’s degree and I’m applying to become a master gardener. I have three day weekends, and I love my job. All in all I’m really happy, and no one can take that away from me.

To honor my Life You Want experience, I’m reviewing my Oprah materials from the tour this weekend. And to anyone that’s ever made me feel less-than or not enough, this song is for you.