In recent months I’ve made connections between original tracks and samples. Each time I’m like, “What?! I didn’t know this was sampled from that”. So I’m sharing a few of my random recent discoveries.




Also, before there was Spotify, I would download all sorts of stuff on Limewire. I found this Zero 7 album called Late Night Tales back in like 2010 when I downloaded their entire discography. What I thought was a bootlegged, unreleased album was actually released in 2002, but I didn’t know this till recently.

A week or so ago, I noticed Bonobo had a Late Night Tales album, as well, and I wondered what was going on. This mix was equally awesome. Both albums seemed like a collaboration with all these different artists. So the Zero 7 record features various djs, and I believe Zero 7 mixes everything together themselves. Same goes for Bonobo.

The tipping point was listening to Hiatus Kaiyote on Spotify which led me to discovering Badbadnotgood (which by the way, their shit is amazing, as well). A BBNG track from yet another Late Night Tales album began to play and led me to googled LNT once and for all. Turns out, there’s a TON of compilations by amazing indie and down tempo artists!!!! Late Night Tales is an accritically claimed series of artists curated compilated albums. Artists include Zero 7, Bonobo, Jon Hopkins, Badbadnotgood, Groove Armada, AIR, Flaming Lips, Fatboy Slim, Nightmares on Wax… the list goes on and on.

My point is, when I found this random Zero 7 compilation back in 2010, I had NO idea I was scratching the tip of the surface. I feel like I hit the music lottery this week. For anyone in search of new tunes, I highly recommend checking out Late Night Tales. Click the following links for more information.