My last two paddle boarding adventures were on Hoorsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins. My friend Fatima had never tried it before, so I was stoked to show her something new. A few weeks later, Regina and I went for her second trip on the opposite end of the reservoir.

Fatima and I unknowingly signed up with a company near Inlet Bay called What’s SUP. I could’ve sworn I paddled with them last summer, but it was actually Mountain SUP. As we pulled in to park and I realized we were on the wrong side of the reservoir, I figured “Fuck it. Let’s try them and see how it is”.

For starters, the chick was super particular about the boards. She didn’t help us tote them to the water like most companies do and as we positioned ourselves to stand, she yelled at us to wade farther before laying them down, or else they could be damaged in the shallow water and we would be charged. It was off-putting to say the least, but since this marked Fatima’s first try at paddle-boarding, I tried to stay positive.

Despite the no-wake zone, the water was super choppy. This wasn’t weather related, although it started to rain near the end of our hour. We laughed it off and enjoyed the remainder of our time, but there was way too many boats nearby to enjoy a peaceful experience. I’m not mad enough to post a shitty review on Yelp, but I would not recommend What’s SUP.

Can you see how close those boats were to us? Crazy!!

Afterwards we drove to Three Four Beer for drinks and empanadas. The empanadas hit the spot, although the ones in Boulder taste way better. It probably sounds like I’m complaining a lot, but we really did have fun. I don’t expect empanadas at a brewery to be absolutely amazing. It’s kind of like what they say about fishing: A bad day of fishing beats a good day at work. Despite the rain and the rude girl’s attitude, I always have a good time with Fatima.


A few days later, while I was shopping at Wal-Mart, I came across a few hot ticket items: A foldable canteen for the Kendrick concert, a waterproof case for future paddle boarding jaunts and a backpack for hauling my shit when I hike alone. The canteen was perfect to avoid the metal detectors at the arena, and now Keegan doesn’t have to carry my stuff when we hike together.


So when Regina and I paddle boarded two weeks ago, I was eager to bring my phone on the water. For $5.99, it worked like a charm.

Our experience with Mountain SUP was so much better than What’s SUP. This person was super friendly and accommodating: She helped us bring our boards to the water, held and balanced the boards while we crawled onto them and gave us an encouraging push. She didn’t chastise us or freak out about us scratching the boards. And since we arrived at 11:00, the weather was perfect. Needless to say, I highly recommend Mountain SUP in Fort Collins.


Also, the nice chick took this pic for us.



Afterwards we tried Torchy’s Taco’s and holy shit their food is good. That’s saying a lot, considering I’m still easing my way into Mexican food. I loved their margs, chips and salsa, tacos and corn.


So that’s a wrap on paddle boarding this summer! I hope to one day afford one, but in the meantime, I’ll continue to rent with friends.

The following is a video of a guy doing tricks on a board in the ocean, reinforcing my stance on the recent legal Olympics dispute: Should paddle boarding fall under surfing or canoeing in the olympics? My gut instinct immediately went with surfing. Upon further research, it appears many others in the paddle boarding world feel the same.

Either way, check out Laird Hamilton’s sweet moves!