A few weekends ago, the hubby and I joined his sisters in celebrating Erin’s 41st birthday. The cabin nestled in the woods of Florissant, Colorado featured panoramic views with wildlife below the deck begging to be fed. We arrived Friday afternoon and stayed through Sunday. Between the white water rafting, cave of the winds, Garden of the Gods and St. Mary’s Falls, we enjoyed a wonderful weekend outdoors.


We technically went white water rafting before we spent Sunday in Colorado Springs. But these pictures aren’t posting in order, so it is what it is. On Sunday, I was most excited for Cave of the Winds. I wanted to ride the Terror Dactyl, but it was too expensive and didn’t seem nearly as cool as it did in the viral video on Facebook. Although this ride appeared disappointing, the cave tour was super cool. I forgot how much I love exploring underground venues. The cave featured an original Thomas Edison bulb. I found a blog describing the historical elements of the cave in detail; Cave of the Winds has plenty to offer tourists from the caves themselves to several wild rides.


Truth be told, we wanted to hike at Garden of the Gods, but it was much too crowded. Thus, we drove through and continued towards St. Mary’s Falls: A 6.3 mile moderate hike with an elevation gain of 1,500 feet. I wouldn’t drive that far to do it again, but if we so happened to be in Colorado Springs and the parking lot wasn’t full, I’d give it another shot. The waterfall and mountain views were absolutely gorgeous. I can’t even imagine the hikes we have yet to tap into in Colorado Springs.


Erin reserved us a spot with a white water rafting company on Saturday, and we had a good time! Killian stayed at the cabin with Jason while Keenan, Kiera and Katie joined us for the adventure. Keenan complained the ride was “too splashy”. I felt bad for the kid, but his reactions were priceless. I couldn’t believe he said, “When I get home I’m making a list of all the things I hate and adding this day to the list!”. Keenan is such a funny kid!!


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If there’s one thing I’m grateful for, it’s marrying into such an accepting and friendly family. I didn’t meet Keegan’s parents or siblings until we had been together for three years, so considering the lack of contact from the onset of our relationship, I’m so glad to feel close to everyone. The likelihood of my brother having kids is slim-to-none, so I get my kid fix with his fam a few times a year. I couldn’t have asked for better in-laws and look forward to Thanksgiving with the fam!