I lucked out by scoring a ticket to Kendrick Lamar recently. A few months ago, I stated one of my goals for this summer was to see Kendrick live despite his show being sold out. My friends Christine and Jimmy snagged two tickets, but Christine totally forgot about her parents surprise party in Baton Rouge, so I bought her ticket and tagged along with Jimmy.

We pregame at Kimball Musk’s restaurant, the Kitchen for cheap drinks and free chips and salsa at the bar. Then we headed to the venue and waited for the show to begin. All in all, Kendrick’s set was amazing!

He started the show with DNA, my favorite from his latest album, DAMN. The show continued with Element followed by King Kunta and two Untitled tracks. I loved hearing Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe and Alright, but my favorite moment of the night was hearing Swimming Pools (Drank) and Backseat Freestyle back to back. I lost my shit when Backseat Freestyle came on. I didn’t expect to enjoy those tracks live so much, but he did a good job! I was also surprised by XXX. It was kinda trippy with the red, white and blue strobes. Pretty sure he played 8/10 tracks on DAMN., which is cool with me, ’cause I love his new album. m.A.A.d. City is my favorite, but his last 4 albums are absolutely solid.

The following videos are ones I took in Denver. I try so hard to be present during concerts, but this was one of those shows where I was just so excited, I had to record a few of my favorite songs 🙂 As much as I love his music, it’s amazing I didn’t record more of his performance.

And last but not least, here’s footage from the show in Phoenix. Looks identical to his set in Denver, which was so effing awesome. At 10:45, you can hear Swimming Pools followed by Backseat Freestyle and someone freaking out in the background. That was basically me when he switched from one song to the next!!