I’ve neglected my blog this summer. Hiking and outdoor activities have consumed much of our time. Once my family left, I made a point to reach out to local friends. Out here, summers are so short. You really have to enjoy what little bit of warm weather we have. So we went tubing with Brittany, Justin, Christine and Jimmy. We hiked in Castle Rock and grabbed drinks with Christine and Fatima when Christine stayed the night for her monthly sleepover. And last but not least, we finally watched Alien Covenant. Yes it was indoors, but day dates are still worth mentioning.

Scroll down for hiking and tubing pics.






I found Castlewood Canyon State Park randomly on Alltrails and decided to hike one Friday. One of my missions this year was to explore more state and national parks, and I really wanted to see the historic dam at CCSP. For more information about the park, click here. I find it very coincidental how I didn’t know until 10 minutes ago that the dam broke on August 3rd, 1933. Today is August 3rd, and the original date has three 3s in it. Weiiiiird.

Keegan rarely has three-day weekends, so we took advantage of the extra day and sporadically drove to Castle Rock, an hour and a half South of our house. We knew it was going to rain but braved the weather anyways. It sprinkled on and off but didn’t start pouring until 30 minutes after we left, so that was nice. We hiked 4 miles on the East Canyon Trail and another half mile on the Nature Trail.

We encountered two snakes in a quarter-mile, prompting me to join Alltrails once and for all. I’ve been using this site for hikes for years, but it wasn’t until recently I finally felt obligated to post a review. I wanted to warn others of snakes in the East Canyon Trail. We cautiously tip-toed around so many snake holes near Cherry Creek, and despite the rattlesnake warning signs everywhere, we weren’t prepared for such a dangerous landscape. In other words, if you go to Castlewood Canyon, wear close-toed shoes.

The good thing about signing up for Alltrails is now I can finally track my hikes! It’ll take me awhile to back date my info, but I’m hoping to do so soon.

The following day, we went tubing on a triple date. I could have sworn Keegan and I tubed the Poudre down the canyon two years ago, but it turns out we floated the Poudre through downtown Fort Collins. Oops! I told Brittany and Christine it was “super chill”. Little did we know how swift the current would be; I fell out twice and scraped my shins and back. I couldn’t help but laugh at ont point. We bit off more than we could chew!

We hit back to back rapids damn near the entire time. It was awesome, but thank goodness we didn’t bring my phone. It was stupid to bring our cooler, but we thought the water would be calm! I would do it again in a heartbeat, because I love a good adrenaline rush, but I doubt I’ll ever be that drunk again, trying not to lose my tube in such swift waters.


Overall we enjoyed a fun, active weekend. It was cool to hike in one canyon and tube in another. I highly recommend Castlewood Canyon State Park despite the snakes for the scenery and variety of wildlife. And now we’ll know that tubing the Poudre through the canyon is not for the faint of heart.