I finished Carrie Brownstein’s memoir last week. I would’ve read it sooner had I known how enjoyable it would be.

She talks of life on the road in a band named Sleater-Kinney. My husband’s toured several times, and I’ve encouraged him to read the book. Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl delves into Brown’s life as a member of Sleater-Kinney originating in Olympia, Washington in 1994. Forget Lilith Fair; if you prefer something a little more edgy, dirty and loud, grab this book and learn about 90’s riot grrrls.

I took away several quotes from the audiobook. A few reminded me of Nashville, some of Fort Collins. Others reminded of life in general. The following are a few of my favorites.

Eventually, I started to cringe at the elitism that was often paired with punk and the like. A movement that professed inclusiveness seemed to actually be highly exclusive, as alienating and ungraspable as many of the clubs and institutions that drove us to the fringes in the first place. One set of rules had simply been replaced by new ones, and they were just as difficult to follow.

Definitely reminds me of the punk scene in East Nashville and re-assimilating in Fort Collins

‘She’s high,’ my dad said to my mother, laughing. And I was. It was a moment I’ll never forget, a total elation that momentarily erased any outline of darkness. There was light everywhere I looked.


Nostalgia is recall without the criticism of the present day, all the good parts, memory without the pain

Love it

To become a fan of something, to open and change, is a move of deliberate optimism, curiosity, and enthusiasm.

I’ll stop at 4 quotes, as continuing to list my favorites appears to water down the quality of the context. But I will say this: Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl is the most relatable memoir I’ve read thus far. I highly recommend this read to anyone heavily involved in their local music scene or to anyone interested in the riot girl movement.

P.S. I’d honestly never heard of Sleater-Kinney before reading Brownstein’s book. I rented it to learn more of Portlandia’s back story. As embarrassing as it is to admit, not knowing Carrie’s career hinged upon the popularity of Sleater-Kinney made this read all the more interesting. Rated by RollingStone and Time Magazine as the Best Punk Band and Rock Band in America (respectively), Sleater-Kinney is awesome, and you should totally listen to their music. Spoiler Alert: There’s a one-sentence mention of Portlandia, and that’s it.

This first track is often used as a fade between segments on NPR. I always wondered who it was but couldn’t Shazam the 5 second clip quickly enough. So this recent revelation was pretty neat!



So if my point hasn’t been made clear: Read the book read the book read the book.