I discovered 8 drafts on my WordPress account a few days ago. Apparently I wanted to write about the unexpected snow in May, a week after Mother’s Day and how annoying it was to keep everything alive. Ha! In the meantime, a few flowers are coming through and have since been transferred to the Earth Box.

At one point, we had a small snow storm and Christine stayed the night with us during the week to avoid the drive back home to Fort Collins. Junip loves her Aunt Christine!

And at some point, I caught up with Christine and Jimmy on a Saturday and got to see their chicks again. Christine and I hiked near Horsetooth Reservoir and she showed me this neat, hidden path.

Other than that, I truly can’t remember what I wanted to write about. The only reason I recall those minor details is because I sometimes take notes and outline my blog before I piece it all together. In the meantime, here’s this: