Looks like I forgot to post about Kendrick Lamar, the Colorado Chocolate Festival and our hike at Eldorado State Park. Oops! I think we hiked the same weekend as the chocolate festival or the weekend before I left to Nashville. Either way, here’s some pics.

I nearly fell into a diabetic coma following the chocolate festival, but it was definitely fun! My greedy ass purchased too many tickets and you couldn’t use the tickets for chocolate martinis. So Keegan and I returned to this one cheese booth a few different times to “cleanse our pallet”. Don’t be fooled by “chocolate festival”; the expo featured gourmet food ranging from chocolate to cheese and popcorn and specialty dips, plus cured meats and imported olive oils.

At some point, we hiked Eldorado Canyon State Park. I found this place on Google maps randomly, did some research on Alltrails and hit the road. Thank goodness we took Keegan’s truck. My low xD couldn’t have handled the pothole-ridden dirt road leding towards the entrance.

This place was more crowded than expected, but we managed to snag one of the last parking spots. We followed South Boulder Creek up the canyon towards the last parking lot next to Rattlesnake Gulch Trail. A 3.5 mile loop with moderate gains, this trail was relatively easy and beautiful. Plus we passed the remains of Crags Hotel, burned to the ground in 1912.

Once we left the canyon, we devoured some empanadas in Boulder. I sheepishly admitted I’ve only tried empanadas once before; the cashier pointed me in the right direction. She suggested two, and I tried three: carne picante, caprese and choclo. It was hard to pick a favorite, but the carne picante nailed it. My life is forever changed, having tried empanadas again. These taste much better than the ones in Denver.

The evening after the chocolate fest, we had friends over for another potluck. The theme was Mexican food, and I was excited to put our patio to use. Fatima brought authentic tequila from Mexico. Add a Vitamix to the equation and suddenly these magical, strong and frozen strawberry margs appear. I’m not even a fan of Mexican food, but everything our friends brought was delicious.  

That’s about it for now… Until I review these other drafts and decide to post them or not.