I am so trying to catch this blog up before I leave for Nashville. Once you get behind, it’s hard to catch up!

May 6th, Keegan and I caught Pile at Lost Lake in Denver. Dan drove down from SD, and it was nice having him stay with us Friday night. Saturday night, we stayed at an Airbnb one block from the venue just off of Colfax. But let’s back up and talk about Friday.

I had the day off, so I cleaned real quick before Dan arrived. We grilled Juicy Lucy’s and also enjoyed homecut fries, grilled corn and spicy cream-cheese filled jalapeno poppers. Not to mention, my margs were off the chain. Ben from across the street joined us, as well. All in all, Friday night was awesome!

The following morning, we booked it to Infinite Wellness, followed by Horsetooth Falls in Fort Collins, a moderate 3 mile hike. We barely made it 100 yards when we came across a snake. We waited for him to pass and continued our journey; luckily, it wasn’t a rattlesnake.

This hike reminded me of how far I’ve come physically since moving to Colorado from Tennessee. I have to admit, I’m proud of myself; we tried this trail a week after we moved to Colorado, and I remember feeling so winded and out of shape. It’s only 3 miles but at 5,000 feet with about 600 in gains, the elevation totally got to us. This time, I wasn’t winded whatsoever. And, the waterfall actually looked like a waterfall! Back in August of 2015, it was dried up and barely spitting water. Turns out, this makes for an ideal spring hike when all the runoff travels towards the resevoir. I was so disappointed the first time we hiked this trail that Keegan had to convince me to do it again, and I’m so glad he did. Not only was it easier, the waterfall was actually a “real” waterfall this time.

We took Dan on a day tour of Fort Collins before heading to Denver. Katie, Keegan’s sister, met us for margs which was nice, because we hadn’t seen her in like 2 months. Keegan and Dan’s friend Chappy opened for Pile with a band called Gnarwhal. It’s a shame I never caught them live in the house show scene before we moved; this technical, noisy band is going places.

I almost enjoyed Gnarwhal more than Pile, but let’s be honest: They both killed it. We were glad they played Lost Lake right next to our favorite bar, PS Lounge. I’m under the impression that if we ever moved to Denver, we would want to be near Colfax, for sure.

Overall we had such a good time with Dan, Katie and Chappy. I don’t miss “big city traffic” but for one night, it was fun to pretend like we lived there.

PS Lounge–free shot and a rose with your first drink.
Recovering at JBs Sunday morning