Now that it’s starting to warm up outside, Keegan and I have taken to the trails! We’re sticking with lower elevation trails while the snow around 7,500-10,000 feet slowly melts through April and May. We learned our lesson last year: While higher elevation hikes sound lovely in the Spring, truth is, it’s very muddy and slippery and challenging. Thus, we hiked Devil’s Backbone recently and Shoshone Trail at Pinewood Reservoir, both located near Loveland, Colorado. Pinewood was more interesting, as we’ve hiked Devil’s Backbone a few times. Little did we know just how many trails are at Pinewood Reservoir–we plan to go back this summer hopefully!

First we started with Devil’s Backbone then tried Pinewood Reservoir the following weekend. The first three photos are from Devil’s Backbone. The next three are from Shoshone Trail, followed by a few more taken at Carter Lake. We figured “May as well check out Carter while we’re here!” Keegan found several skipping stones, so I’d say the detour was worth it.

Spring is here


And last but not least, we tried Runza after hiking Shoshone Trail, home of the Nebraska loose meat burger. I got a mushroom swiss with bacon, and it was very thick and meaty. Just a few days later, my supervisor John took us to Made-Rite in Loveland where I tried another loose-meat burger, but this one was on an actual hamburger bun versus Runza with their sub bread. I had never heard of such a thing and wound up trying two different burgers in a week. It’s interesting to say the least–kind of like a sloppy joe without the sauce.