Keegan and I couldn’t make it to Christine’s crawfish boil last year, so we weren’t about to miss it this year! Little did we know, this wasn’t a “boil them in the kitchen on the stove sort of thing”–her industrial gear allowed for 50 pounds of live crawfish to be boiled outside in the backyard. I was super excited for a few reasons: A, I absolutely love her new house. And B, We haven’t had crawfish since Ryan brought a batch on the boat back home in Nashville.

Not only did Christine and Jimmy prepare the live crawfish, they also blackened alligator and served a chilled shrimp dip with cream cheese and peppered jelly on the side. The spread was amazing, not to mention we loved the Mardi Gras theme featuring beads, blues and jazz and Tony’s creole seasoning. Feel free to scroll down for pics. And if you ever get the chance to attend a “real” crawfish boil, I highly recommend it!!

Crawfish finger puppets!
My friend’s little girl loved the Mardi Gras swag hahaha
Round one of three