Here I go again, getting behind on my blog. We celebrated Keegan’s birthday March 11th, and it took about a month to plan. I wanted his birthday to be extra special this year, so I found pub crawl ideas on Pinterest. It took about 3 hours for me to develop a customized route in Denver, but alas, it all finally came together: Travel west to east down Colfax and start at 1Up. Then we mosey on down to the Irish Snug and Lion’s Lair. We were supposed to end the night at Tacos, Tequila Whiskey but we got so drunk we didn’t even make it lol. So basically we had a good time, and Keegan was totally surprised.

I organized a secret event on Facebook and explained the theme to everyone: We were to dress as bananas, and I would purchase the costumes for everyone, since they only cost $7 each online. The theme was “This shit is bananas”, and I ordered Keegan a customized shirt to reflect the theme, while everyone else arrived in their costumes.

Then, I ordered Keegan a PBR cake since he loves PBR, and I figured it would be pretty funny. I also found a pub crawl scavenger hunt list and modified it to fit our theme. And last but not least, I purchased tickets to Pile’s upcoming show and folded them in the shirt I ordered from their site. So Keegan wound up with two new shirts, concert tickets and unlimited drinks thanks to everyone keeping him wasted. And I bought a small notebook for friends and strangers alike to wish him a happy birthday and to “write a special message”. The things people wrote and drew were absolutely hilarious–we got a kick out of reading everything the following morning.

The tricky part was trying to corral everyone in Denver while a Saint Patrick’s Day parade was happening. Not to mention, two of our friends wound up at the wrong 1Up. I also had to hide the cake in the backseat on the way to Denver and walk 3/4 of a mile and back to the third bar to drop it off ahead of time, so we could have cake and do presents towards the end of the pub crawl. But despite me stressing out the night before, everything went according to plan. And what excited me the most was Dan making an appearance from Rapid City–he drove all the way down by himself. It was nice to have Dan stay with us and to drunkenly grab some shitty Chinese food after the crawl before we headed back to Greeley.

Keegan’s birthday put things in perspective. I was so grateful for all our friends to make an appearance, especially to be so cool with wearing the banana costumes. Needless to say, we had a blast! Makes me want to learn more about the bars in Denver.

And of course, HBD to the best hubby ever!

I don’t even know this guy lol