Since I’m starting a new job soon and moving along in my career, I treated my husband and I to a very last minute trip to Lions, Colorado. And by last minute I mean, we booked a room the night before. We talked briefly a week prior about visiting Great Sand Dunes National Park, but apparently it’s 4 1/2 hours away. So when Keegan asked last Friday evening, “Do you still want to go to the Sand Dunes?” I said, “Oh yeah, I forgot all about that!” and Keegan almost appeared alarmed. Ha!

I racked my brain trying to think of spots closer to our house, when suddenly I remembered: The tiny house village in Lions. Lions rests outside of Boulder, less than an hour from our house. Months ago I heard about a “tiny hotel” and googled it while Keegan and I grabbed dinner at Fat Albert’s. WeeCasa resides in the heart of Lions within walking distance of everything cool. For once in my life, I didn’t panic due to our lack of plans. If anything, I was actually pretty stoked to just “wing it”.

I googled a few places to eat in Lions the night before our trip, but other than that, who knew what to expect. All I knew for sure was that my husband and I always have the best time when we take a sabbatical.

We left the house earlier enough to grab coffee and hike before check in. Stone Cup offers affordable beverages in a quirky setting with down-to-earth baristas. My iced peppermint latte provided the fuel I needed to hike a good three or so miles. I don’t even know where we wound up, but it was beautiful and invigorating, and that’s all that matters.



When your hubby threatens to throw you off the side of the mountain.



Afterwards, Keegan and I arrived to our tiny house, and it was so cute! I wanted so badly to take a peek in everyone elses rental, but the park was sold out, so that would’ve been creepy. Our 177 square foot unit came with a murphy bed, a wall-mounted table, a built-in digital heater, a fancy bathroom with a functioning shower, and a kitchen featuring one burner, a mini-fridge, freezer and a somewhat deep sink. We fell in love immediately. The natural light pouring through the windows made the space feel much larger. I was surprised by the mix of natural materials and modern features; I can see how people are drawn to the tiny house movement.






I love how there’s SO many windows!





We chilled at the house for a few before we walked to Lyons Dairy Bar. Between the burgers, the double fried fries and the coffee toffee ice cream, I was stuffed! But this was not to deter us from Spirit Hound Distillers, just down the road.


So strong and so good–limit 2 with that drink on the left
“Tonight I’m letting go and getting drunk”–me


The one down side to a tiny house would be the fact that Keegan wakes up so much earlier than I do LOL. I was up at 7:30 Sunday morning, which is very unusual. Otherwise, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay! We used our kitchen to make bacon, eggs and mimosas. And the champagne came from St. Clair in Albuquerque; when I purchased it, I had no idea we would be drinking it in a tiny house several weeks later. How cool is that? From the B&B in Santa Fe to the tiny house in Lyons, we are very fortunate to share in these adventures together. If there’s one thing that revitalizes my spirit, it’s going somewhere I’ve never been.

Keegan and I drove towards the mountains after breakfast. Lyons is only 45 minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park, so we rented snow-shoes again and took to Bierstadt. Little did we know how fucking cold it would be that day! At 10,000 feet, I was freezing my ass off. We cut our hike short, and that’s totally okay. We drove to Sprague Lake and settled for an easier excursion before heading home.






So what did we learn from the weekend? First, we could likely live for less. Staying in a tiny house led us to reevaluate our finances and impact on the environment. And who knows? Maybe we’ll embrace some major lifestyle changes soon. We also discovered that tiny homes are super affordable; all you need is some land with power and water, and you’re set! And if we were to embark on this adventure, we would prefer our house come on wheels, so we can take it wherever and save on hotel expenses.

This experience was most certainly eye-opening. On the way to WeeCasa, I wondered if our stay might impact our views on living more affordably, and it did. If you haven’t stayed in a tiny home, I highly recommend it. At the very least, you’re bound to have a good time.

PS: I googled the name of the place where we hiked, despite me acting like “It doesn’t matter where we hiked”. We explored Rabbit Mountain Open Space, Little Thompson Overlook–3 miles total. Gorgeous views and not too difficult, for anyone interested in hiking near Lions.

In the meantime, here’s this: The same highway we take to get to Rocky Mountain National Park from Lions, Colorado.