Happy International Women’s Day to all my ladies! Here’s a few memes I’ve approved of so far today:

“To all the roses in this pixellated garden called life”

Let us keep in mind a few things: Your ability to strike (especially at the inadvertent expense of other women) is privilege. Some women can afford to take a day off while others cannot. For those that don’t understand, click here or here.

In a nutshell, be humble. It’s important to acknowledge the barriers others face, whether you’re affected by similar difficulties or not.

Also, there’s a difference between posting memes and actually helping those around you. I’m sharing a few memes I enjoyed today, but advocacy reaches far beyond the images we share on our phones, and actions speak louder than words. I loved this poster Keegan and I saw last weekend at the Refugee March in Greeley: Put your money where your march is, and donate to the fight.

Last week when I noticed a woman wearing a hijab, speaking broken English and struggling to convey that she would have to come back for her items, I knew this was the opportunity I had waited for to “pay it forward”. And no, I don’t believe I was “blessed to be a blessing” nor am I purposefully bragging to toot my own horn. In my heart of hearts, I was looking for a reason to pay it forward ever since I landed my new job. I know the struggle all too well, and I wanted to pay for someone’s groceries at Safeway initially. But after thinking it through I thought, “How awkward would it be to insist on paying for someone’s food that probably has the money already?” This woman’s card was declined at the Dollar Tree. The least I could do was pay for her inexpensive items.

All that’s to say, we can do more for each other than pay for the coffee behind us in the Starbuck’s drive-thru. Find a cause you’re passionate about and donate, or help someone in your community. To me, International Women’s Day is about celebrating women and helping people in immediate need of assistance; if you can’t financially contribute (which I totally understand) dedicate your time. Each and every one of us is gifted some way–maximize your talents to help others.

If you have any ideas on how to help others, men or women, please share! Otherwise, here’s a few inspiring stories: