When I awoke on January 11th, something felt different this year. I hadn’t felt older on my birthday since I turned 21. So when my husband asked, “Do you feel any older this year?” I paused and answered, “Yeah…I actually do”. My final year in my 20’s has me setting even loftier goals than normal, and the last thing I want is to disappoint myself.

As far as my birthday’s concerned, we celebrated a few weekends in a row. First we met Christine and Jimmy at Social followed by Cards Against Humanity, pizza and wine at their place. Then, on my actual birthday we kicked it with my favorite bar cat, Gustav, at Syntax. And, we threw together a last-minute hot chocolate bar at the house! Between the hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps, creme de cocoa, rum chata, and several different types of flavored vodka, we had a blast. I also tried my hand at chocolate martinis and managed to craft my first-ever homemade cheese ball. Hooray!

Adulting like a pro








Rise 'n shine bitch
Rise ‘n shine bitch
Sunday morning vibez
Sunday evening snuggle puddle
The actual morning of my birthday–my husband takes the cake.
First day as a 29 year old
First day as a 29-year-old




I just have to pause and mention the fact that my bestie sent me a mug with her face on it, so I can carry her with me wherever I go. This was truly the most hilarious gift I’ve received in years!! When I posted the meme on her wall a few weeks prior, I never dreamed she would follow through.


And as it turns out, the idea we stole from the meme was discussed in detail on the Tonight Show.

Customized cook book from my other bestie, Caitlin!
Customized cook book from my other bestie, Caitlin!


Wine and cheese the weekend after we returned from New Mexico
My Colorado support system–minus a few people
Junip remembers her former roomie


To wrap up the wine and cheese weekend, Keegan, Ben, Amanda and I were invited to a basketball game with our other neighbor, Phil. And much to my surprise, I ran into my old coworker and her husband at the game! I can’t say I’m a local just yet, but it’s nice to see familiar faces in public. After the game the 4 of us took Phil to Old Chicago where he’s apparently a legend. He has literally taken the World Beer Tour 78 times. Yes you read that correctly. SEVENTY-EIGHT TIMES. And according to this website, he’s well on his way to a baseball cap after consuming nearly 9,000 beers. Phil proudly showed off his customized travel mug, and I will admit, I was impressed.

All that’s to say, my birthday weekends were awesome. I am grateful for my husband, friends and everyone that wished me well. Here’s to more wine and cheese events in the near future!