Snippets from the last few days

My husband and I enjoyed a lovely holiday weekend at home with the pets. It was cozy, romantic and somewhat surreal to spend it privately in our new home. Keegan’s parents, sister and boyfriend paid us a visit Christmas Eve, but otherwise we had the house to ourselves.

This weekend marked a lot of firsts: from the cobbler to the truffles and the pickles, I might have probably spent most of the weekend in the kitchen. And that’s not a bad thing! There’s nothing I love more than getting creative from a culinary perspective. Lately I wanna focus on my flow. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi would be proud.

First time using our cast iron skillet–I love it! Evenly distributes heat, easy to clean and the cobbler turned out absolutely perfect. I’m sorry to brag so much but seriously, this is one of the best things I’ve made all year.
My first attempt at making/canning pickles: The flavor was kinda strange after 24 hours, but three days later, they tast much better!
First attempt at truffles, as well: Oreo Peppermint awesomeness
Sweet Potato Pie
Tomato Tart (another first)–never layered filo sheets before–that was both interesting and challenging lol.
Kellogg Christmas Dinner Party of Two!

So for dinner we had pulled pork, slow-cook mac and cheese, stuffed mushrooms, asparagus soup, fries (to go with the barbeque), deviled eggs, a tomato tart, bacon-wrapped dates, sweet potato pie, oreo peppermint truffles, caramael pie and chocolate covered espresso beans to stay awake. Not too shabby considering the two of us cooked this all by ourselves!!

Christmas Eve Snacks (below): Keegan’s parents took us to Red Lobster for letting them use our guest room before they flew to Seattle. We watched a Christmas Story and relaxed after dinner. This cheese plate turned out well, especially since everything was half off at Safeway!! We also went to Origins and Syntax. Overall it was a super chill weekend.

Keegan and his mother referred to this as Crudité
First stop: Origins featuring an Appletini Mojito
Gustav–Syntax mascot and protector of the property
This was awesome till I accidentally forgot about it and burnt our small pot hahaha
Finally got a dutch oven thanks to my thoughtful husband–hooray!!!
After using the same makeup bag and wallet for YEARS, I finally upgraded!
Buy one get one at World Market–one of my favorite stores ever.
True friends understand your soaking addiction–the cupcake bath fizzy was nice!!
Gnar Gnar enjoying her new toy
Junip stealing Buddy’s bed
Morning snuggles with my boy ❤ ❤
One of the best gifts we received: A Keurig with the fancy carousel, tons and tons of K cups AND one of those Solofill Single Cup Reusable Coffee Filters

And here’s a few of my favorite memes from the last few days






Between the food, the drinks and three different movies, Keegan and I had the most chill Christmas ever. I have books to read, resolutions to make and plenty of food to eat. Looking forward to these next few weeks; let’s finish the year strong and kick off 2017 with a bang!